People in Himachal Pradesh relish dry meat stored for winters

Shimla, Jan 21: People living in the upper reaches in Himachal Pradesh, which gets heavy snowfall during the winters have devised a unique method of storing meat by drying it and smearing it with spices to prevent it from putrefying.

The roads to these hilly areas are blocked due to heavy snowfall during winter. Therefore people in Himachal Pradesh start collecting their food well in advance.

"There are two months of extreme cold, we chop the meat and store it in cold places. We get the ration for winters. We eat it with the dry meat in winters which is also good to eat," said Sardar Singh, a villager.

Cold climate cripples North India

Amritsar/Shimla, Jan 6 : Strong cold wind rose in the North India after snowfall in the upper reaches of the country.

The biting cold coupled with dense fog shrouding over Amritsar crippled normal life. School children found going to school tough.

"The weather is as cold as in Kashmir. We are facing difficulties in commuting to the schools. Because of the fog, we can hardly see anything outside," said Abhay Sharma, a student.

The minimum temperature fell to zero degrees Celsius in Amritsar on Tuesday.

"It is very difficult to wake up early in the morning to come to my shop, It seems that the weather in Amritsar is similar to that of Kashmir right now," said Krishan Gopal, a shopkeeper.

Himachal Pradesh gears up for Christmas celebrations

Himachal Pradesh gears up for Christmas celebrationsShimla, Dec. 23 : Christmas festivities have brought a refreshing enthusiasm to the local industry of Himachal Pradesh that had been facing a dull time for a while at many places.

Tourists in the hill resorts of Shimla and Manali that received a heavy snowfall this year, are awaiting the advent of Christmas with high hopes of celebrating it with loved ones amidst fun, frolic and more snow.

Hundreds of devotees witness Radha-Krishna marriage in Shimla

Shimla, Nov 23 : Hundreds of devotees throng Shimla to witness a traditional and colourful marriage of Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha on Saturday.

Organized by the Sanatan Dharm Sabha, the wedding took place at Lord Ram temple.

Organizers described it is a historical moment, as this kind of celestial marriage was taking place for the first time in the city.

40 killed in Himachal Pradesh bus mishap

Shimla, Himachal PradeshShimla,

Himachal villagers organize Buffalo fights

shimlaBhont (Shimla), Oct. 20 : Thousands of people converged on the weekend at Bhont Village near Shimla for the traditional buffalo-fight fair. The rural folk of Himachal organize it as an annual ritual.

The fair showcased the traditional religious beliefs prevailing in rural areas. Over 25 buffalo from the different villages were brought for the buffalo fight here

"This fair holds historical importance. We have been celebrating this fair here for over 90 years. We believe that this fair helps to protect the people from bad omens," said Baldev Thakur, the village head of Bhont Village.