Hundreds of devotees witness Radha-Krishna marriage in Shimla

Shimla, Nov 23 : Hundreds of devotees throng Shimla to witness a traditional and colourful marriage of Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha on Saturday.

Organized by the Sanatan Dharm Sabha, the wedding took place at Lord Ram temple.

Organizers described it is a historical moment, as this kind of celestial marriage was taking place for the first time in the city.

“For Shimla, organizing the marriage ceremony of Radha-Krishna is a golden opportunity. The marriage of god is a historical event and this historical event is happening in Shimla for the first time. Sarla (a devotee) has brought-up Krishna''s idol like her kid and a family from Mumbai has brought-up Radha. Today, we observed their marriage as per Hindu traditions,” said Sanjay, the Vice-President of Sanatan Dharm Sabha and organiser of this marriage ceremony.

Many tourists including foreigners had gathered in large numbers to witness this unique marriage.

“It is just amazing. Here everything is so colourful, bright and beautiful,” points out Fiona, a tourist from Australia.

According to Hindu mythology, Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver and one of the trinities of the Hindu pantheon.

Tales of love between Lord Krishna and Radha are depicted in Indian architecture and paintings and their relationship is often interpreted as the quest for union with the divine.

This kind of love, though banned in conservative India where matrimony is the only acceptable form of union between a man and a woman, is the highest form of devotion for many followers. (ANI)