Congress slams BJP for its mudslinging campaign

Congress slams BJP for its mudslinging campaignShimla/Jangipura, Apr 19 : The Congress party has hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for indulging in a low level of discourse during the election campaign.

"There can be disagreements between political parties and political leaders. During the election campaign, there is a debate and discussion but that should be within the parameters of civilised dialogue. Unfortunately, that dignity has been violated and the campaign has been dragged to a low level of discourse by the BJP," claimed Anand Sharma, Congress leader and Minister of State for External Affairs.

India is a political, economic paradox: Vice President

India is a political, economic paradox: Vice PresidentShimla, Apr 16 : Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari on Thursday described India as a political and economic paradox, a rich-poor nation with a weak strong state.

"Persistent centrism, and continuous realignment, is one of its striking features. This has accommodated a wide spectrum of interests, classes, status groups, regions and communities in the political process and development structures. This accommodation has not always been equitable," Ansari said.

Vice President to arrive in Shimla today

Vice President to arrive in Shimla todayShimla, Apr 15 : Vice Pre

Snowfall in Shimla brightens mood of locals, tourists

Snowfall in Shimla brightens mood of locals, touristsShimla, Feb 11 : A spell of fresh snowfall has cheered both locals and tourists in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla on Wednesday presented a picturesque look with houses, roads, trees and plants all covered by a blanket of white snow.

For tourists, the snow turned out to be a surprise package.

An artist spearheads a ''bloody campaign'' for freedom of Tibet

Shimla, Feb 5 : In a unique effort to create awareness for the Tibetan cause, Dr. Mahesh Yadav, an artist-cum-crusader, has drawn portraits and letters sketched and scribbled with his own blood here.

Dr. Mahesh Yadav, who has started the campaign for freedom of Tibetan at Bhopal on December 25 last year, reached Shimla, and exhibited his blood-made creations on Tuesday.

Earlier, he exhibited them at Dharamshala.

He feels that the new US president would help to find a peaceful solution for the Tibetan movement.

People in Himachal Pradesh relish dry meat stored for winters

Shimla, Jan 21 : People living in the upper reaches in Himachal Pradesh, which gets heavy snowfall during the winters have devised a unique method of storing meat by drying it and smearing it with spices to prevent it from putrefying.

The roads to these hilly areas are blocked due to heavy snowfall during winter. Therefore people in Himachal Pradesh start collecting their food well in advance.

"There are two months of extreme cold, we chop the meat and store it in cold places. We get the ration for winters. We eat it with the dry meat in winters which is also good to eat," said Sardar Singh, a villager.