Cold climate cripples North India

Amritsar/Shimla, Jan 6 : Strong cold wind rose in the North India after snowfall in the upper reaches of the country.

The biting cold coupled with dense fog shrouding over Amritsar crippled normal life. School children found going to school tough.

"The weather is as cold as in Kashmir. We are facing difficulties in commuting to the schools. Because of the fog, we can hardly see anything outside," said Abhay Sharma, a student.

The minimum temperature fell to zero degrees Celsius in Amritsar on Tuesday.

"It is very difficult to wake up early in the morning to come to my shop, It seems that the weather in Amritsar is similar to that of Kashmir right now," said Krishan Gopal, a shopkeeper.

Thick fog shrouded over the entire city, sending people in huddles around bonfires lit at street corners to keep warm.

Residents in Shimla are waiting for the fresh snow.

"The weather here is turning worse for last two days. The higher reaches of the mountains in tourist destinations like Narkanda, Kufri and Manali areas have received fresh snowfall, unlike this part of Shimla. When Shimla receives snowfall. More tourists come in and the farmers get a good apple crop," said Lekhraj, a resident.

The Meteorological Department predicted that the chilling conditions were likely to persist. Thick shroud of fog has disrupted the air and rail traffic across the country. (ANI)