Comet chaser swings by Earth successfully

European Space Agency's comet chaserParis, Nov 14: Rosetta, the ESA'

Mars Express obtains pictures of Maunder Crater

Dwarf galaxy in nearby universe possibly 10-bln-year older than previously thought

Dwarf Galaxy

Rare molecule in Venus could affect greenhouse mechanism on planet

Molecules in Venus' Atmosphere

Gamma-ray lighthouse discovered at universe’s edge

Paris, Oct 5 : The European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) orbiting gamma-ray observatory, Integral has helped astronomers discover a gamma ray lighthouse shining at the edge of our universe.

USFDA Approves Sanofi’s ‘Taxotere’ For Head, Neck Cancer

Paris: Sanofi-Aventis, French pharmaceutical group has annunciated that the U.S. health officials have approved another application of its anti-cancer drug ‘Taxotere.’

The company said that the drug has been sanctioned to treat locally advanced head and neck cancer before chemo-radiotherapy and surgical treatment.

The approval is based on the outcomes of a phase III clinical examination, which showed that adding up Taxotere to typical induction chemotherapy resulted in a more than three year betterment in patient endurance rate.