Pak media not free, journos not safe, says Reporters Sans Frontiers

Reporters Sans Frontiers, an international non-governmental organisation

Astronomers detect new neutron star

Paris, Dec 22: A new type of neutron star has been detected by the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre’s European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC).

UN declares 2009 as “International Year of Astronomy”

Paris, Dec 21: The United Nations has declared 2009 as the “International Year of Astronomy” in its 62nd General Assembly.

Saturn's elusive rotation path revealed

Paris, Dec. 14: A team of European scientists has claimed that it is close to understanding what prompts the Planet Saturn to rotate.

Mars Express witnesses dust storm on the planet

Paris, Dec 12: New observations from Mars Express, a Mars exploration mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), have indicated the occurrence of a dust storm that engulfed the Red Planet recently

Ions heading to Earth can forecast magnetic environment behavior

Paris, Dec 8: An observation from ESA’s (European Space Agency) cluster, has revealed that high-speed beams of electrically charged particles (ions) accelerating towards Earth can provide an unders