Pakistan now more critical to US national security than Afghanistan: US official

 Pakistan now more critical to US national security than Afghanistan: US officialLahore, Apr. 30 : Of late, the United States has been expressing serious concerns about the expanding writ of the Taliban and fears about Islamabad falling into the hands of the extremists, which is the reason why the Obama Administration's focus has now shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

US State Department officials have now openly admitted that Pakistan was ultimately more important for America security than the Taliban-Qaeda infested areas in the east of Afghanistan.

‘Pak Army fears disintegration if it counters Taliban seriously’

PakistanLahore, Apr 30 : The Pakistan Army is afraid that its entire force would disintegrate if it orders the rank and file to fire and counter the Taliban in a more serious manner, according to a senior Obama Administration official.

Bruce Riedel, who chaired the Obama administration’s recent review of policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, expressed concern about whether the Pakistani Army would be willing to kill large numbers of Taliban militants.

Taliban leaders had faked a withdrawal from Buner to impress the media and the peace deal with the government in the Swat valley was also a trick, he added.

After beards and vulgar music, Taliban now guns for “unIslamic”media, banking

Lahore, Apr. 30 : After banning NGO's , cable TV and music shops in the region, the Swat chapter of the Taliban has now warned of carrying out `reform' of journalism and the banking system in the Valley.

Taliban's Swat chapter spokesperson Muslim Khan said the Taliban's next target would be the banking system "where un-Islamic affairs are being carried out."

Khan warned media persons in the valley saying they would be punished according to the sharia for presenting a wrong picture of the outfit infront of the world.

"The Taliban would take action against the people who are trying to conceal facts by publishing and broadcasting false reports," The Daily Times quoted Khan, as saying.

HRCP says Musharraf’s claim on missing persons ‘absolutely untenable’

Pervez MusharrafLahore, Apr. 29 (ANI): The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has termed claims of former President General Pervez Musharraf that almost all persons who have ‘disappeared’ in the past from the country have gone missing of their own will, is ‘absolutely untenable’.

A commission statement said General Musharraf’s claims that state agencies did not have any hand in the disappearance of people was far from the truth.

Army could topple ‘non-performing’ government in Pakistan: ex-Saudi intelligence chief

Army could topple ‘non-performing’ government in Pakistan: ex-Saudi intelligence chiefLahore, Apr. 29 : The Pakistan Army, which has until now vowed to stay away from the country's politics, may be compelled to act and initiate a coup if the government continues its submissive performance, a former Saudi intelligence chief has said.

According to Turki al-Faisal, Pakistan has failed to deal with the Taliban in the right manner.

Faisal said the Taliban is not a `monolithic organisation', and that Islamabad must have the right policies to counter the problem.

TNSM warns of countrywide ‘storm’ if ‘weakened’ Swat peace deal collapses

TNSM warns of countrywide ‘storm’ if ‘weakened’ Swat peace deal collapsesLahore, Apr. 29 : Infuriated by the military operation against the Taliban in which 70 extremists have been killed so far, the Tehreek-e-Nifaaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) has warned of launching a `storm' across Pakistan.

TNSM chief Sufi Mohammad's son Rizwanullah Farooq said the peace accord between the government and the TNSM is on the verge of collapse, and if that happens, the whole country would have to bear the consequences.