Swat Taliban extends operation, occupies Buner

Pakistan MapLahore, Apr 22 : Buner, the neighbouring district of Swat, has fallen into the hands of the Taliban with militants belonging to the organisation patrolling markets, villages and towns in the district.

Led by Fateh Mohammad, the militants were asking local people, particularly youngsters, to join them in their campaign to enforce the Sharia.

Taliban militants, who had sneaked into the Gokand valley of Buner on April 4, were reported to be on a looting spree for the past five days. They have robbed government and NGO offices of vehicles, computers, printers, generators, edible oil containers, and food and nutrition packets.

Pak-Christian missions predict expansion of Taliban rule

Pak-Christian missions predict expansion of Taliban ruleLahore, Apr. 21: Pakistan based Christian missionaries have predicted that the Taliban takeover of Swat will extend to more parts of the country, which will further worsen the conditions for Christians.

“This is bad, as it is, and will only worsen if sharia law spreads further than the Swat Valley. As these militants have gained standing, they have gained clout within the country that also promises more pressure against the church,” the Daily Times quoted Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs, as saying.

Pak civil liberty groups seek review of US ‘screening’ policy

Pak civil liberty groups seek review of US ‘screening’ policyLahore, Apr. 21 : Pakistan's civil liberties groups have urged the US Government to lessen the questions on Americans' political beliefs and religious practices of the travelers as part of screening rules on the border posts.

They have also demanded a process of clearing out the names of US citizens and residents who are mistakenly included on terrorist watch lists.

Now, Nawaz warns against impending threat of Taliban to Pak’s existence

Now, Nawaz warns against impending threat of Taliban to Pak’s existenceLahore, Apr. 21: Former Pakistan Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that following forcing the Government to give in to its demand to implement Islamic law in the Swat Valley, the Taliban is now aiming to establish its writ over other parts of the country too.

In an interview with USA Today here, Sharif expressed concern over the precarious situation emerging out from the deal inked between the Government and the Taliban.

Now, Pak tells NATO to ‘do more’ in Afghanistan

Now, Pak tells NATO to ‘do more’ in AfghanistanLahore, Apr. 21: Responding to top US commander in Afghanistan, General David McKiernan's comments that Pakistan must do more to dismantle the terror safe havens operating on its soil, Pakistan has also asked NATO to `do more' in Afghanistan.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told a private television channel that the Pakistan Army is `doing enough' in the war on terror, and asked NATO forces to intensify its operations in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has neither will nor capacity to counter Taliban: US Senator

Pakistan has neither will nor capacity to counter Taliban: US SenatorLahore, Apr. 20 : While Pakistan, in its effort to convince the international community, has repeatedly said that it is sincere in thwarting the rising Taliban influence in the region, the United States believes that Islamabad does not have either the will, nor the capacity to pose a challenge for the extremists.

Terming Pakistan as a `big problem', US Senator Ted Kaufman has said that the country lacks both ability and capacity to counter the insurgents from expanding their writ inside its territory.