Australia tour on, Team India to leave for Canberra: BCCI

Now, “bugged” washing machines to help in surveillance of Australian citizens

Canberra, Jan 7: The Australian Law Reform Commission has said that washing machines could soon be fitted with radio frequency identification equipment, known as RFID, which is a surveillance devic

Global warming could force Western Australia’s corals to head southwards

Global warmingCanberra, Jan 2: A new research by US and Australian geologists has indicate

Now, a self-operating spycam to detect fires at a radius of 11 km

Canberra, Dec 30 (ANI): Researchers in Sydney, Australia, have created a new high-tech spy camera which can detect fire at a radius of about 11km using recognition software which enables it to virt

Danger of big earthquake looms large in Australia

Big EarthquakeCanberra, Dec 26: Australia might have to gear up for a large earthquake measur