UN lists important household power consumption savings tips

Canberra, June 5 : A United Nations (UN) report on World Environment Day has listed household power consumption savings tips for people all around the world to help cutting down greenhouse gas emis

Indian animal rights advocate says zoos are genetic wastelands

Canberra, June 3 : An Indian animal rights advocate has claimed that zoos are just genetic wastelands that have no real point in the modern world.

Hobbit’s relatives may have existed in northern Australia

Canberra, May 27: An archaeologist, who discovered the “Hobbit”, an ancient human like species, on an Indonesian island in 2003, has determined that a relative of the species may have existed in no

Dinosaurs might once again roam the Earth

Dinosaurs might once again roam the EarthCanberra, May 20 : If scient

Astronomers baffled by ‘super fast star’

Canberra, May 17 : Astronomers have been baffled by the discovery of a star that lies 20,000 light-years away, spinning at a rate of 465 revolutions per second – the fifth fastest-spinning pulsar k

Your PCs just turned into mini Hubble telescopes, thanks to Microsoft

Canberra, May 13: Microsoft has launched a free downloadable software that can turn any computer into mini Hubble telescopes capable of displaying high resolution images of millions of stars, plane