John Kerry in Egypt for talks

John Kerry in Egypt for talksCairo, March 3 - US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Egypt Saturday on a two-day visit for talks with the Eyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Xinhua reported.

This is Kerry's first foreign trip as Washington's top diplomat.

Kerry, who planned to visit a number of Arab and European states, is scheduled to hold talks with Morsi Sunday on the bilateral relations, Egypt's economic recession and the regional issues of common concern including the Syrian crisis and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. (IANS)

20 tourists killed in balloon explosion in Egypt''s Luxor

20 tourists killed in balloon explosion in Egypt''s Luxor Cairo, Feb. 26 : Twenty tourists were killed in a balloon explosion Tuesday morning in Egypt''s Luxor governorate, state TV reported.

"The explosion happened in the early morning. The pressure is too high in the balloon and then fire of the engine touched the balloon and suddenly the balloon is on fire," a local tourist guide named Mohamed told Xinhua.

"The balloon belongs to the Sky Cruise company. The dead and injured have been transferred to the Luxor International Hospital, " he added. (ANI)

Iranian president pays first visit to Egypt since 1979

Mahmoud-AhmadinejadCairo, Feb 5 : Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Egypt''s capital Cairo on Tuesday, the first visit by an Iranian president to Egypt since 1979.

Ahmadinejad will participate in the upcoming Islamic Summit slated for Feb. 6-7, the first one since the Egyptian unrest broke out, also the first one that Egypt has hosted since the establishment of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 1969.

Egypt''s Morsi reinvites main opposition bloc for dialogue

Mohamed-MorsiCairo, Jan 29 : Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in the national dialogue late Monday renewed his invitation to the main opposition bloc (NSF) which earlier refused to participate in the meeting, official Ahram website reported Tuesday.

During the four-hour long Egyptian national dialogue, Morsi said "I am ready to communicate personally with the leaders and members of the NSF and reinvite them to a dialogue," according to the report.

Morsi orders curfew, state of emergency in riot-hit governorates

Morsi orders curfew, state of emergency in riot-hit governorates Cairo, Jan. 28 : Egypt''s President Mohamed Morsi imposed Sunday a curfew and a state of emergency in the turmoil- stricken Port Said governorate, as well as Suez and Ismailia, due to the ongoing bloody clashes there.

"I asserted earlier that if I had to, I would take any extraordinary measures to stop bloodshed, preserve security and protect the citizens," Morsi said in a televised speech Sunday evening, adding that the curfew in the three governorates would last 30 days, starting from 9:00 p. m. to 6:00 a. m. of the following day.

16 die over football riot verdict in Egypt

football-riot-EgyptCairo, Jan 26 : At least 16 people were killed and some 200 injured in fresh clashes that erupted Saturday outside Egypt's Port Said prison.

The clashes took place between security forces and family members of 21 convicts who were sentenced to death over the Port Said massacre of last February, Xinhua reported.

After the Port Said criminal court Saturday awarded death sentence to 21 accused for last February's massacre of more than 70 people, families of the convicts attempted to break into the prison where they are detained.

Egypt''s Mubarak moved to military hospital due to declining health

Egypt''s Mubarak moved to military hospital due to declining health Cairo, Dec. 28 : Egyptian former President Hosni Mubarak has been transferred Thursday evening from Tora Prison Hospital to nearby Maadi Military Hospital in Cairo for treatment due to his deteriorating health condition, official news agency MENA quoted a security source as saying.

Earlier Thursday, Prosecutor-General Talaat Ibrahim Abdullah ordered to transfer Mubarak to the military hospital and to move him back immediately after recovery.

Anti-U.S. protests in Cairo enter fourth day

Anti-US-protestsClashes in Cairo, Egypt, over a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad continued for the fourth consecutive day early on Saturday.

More than 200 people have so far received injuries in clashes outside the U. S. embassy situated in the capital of Egypt. Late on Friday, a 35-year-old protester even lost his life from bird shot.

Ahmad Al-Ansari, the deputy chief of Cairo’s ambulance service, said, “Eight people were hospitalized and the others were given first aid at the scene.”

Al Qaeda to avenge Taliban chief's death 'inside US': CIA bomber

Cairo, Jan 9 : The death of a Pakistani Taliban chief would be avenged both "inside and outside the US", according to the Al Qaeda bomber who killed seven officers of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a Dec 30 attack in Afghanistan.

In an alleged video message aired Saturday on the Doha-based al-Jazeera news channel, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi said: "We will never forget the blood of our Emir Baitullah Mehsud.

"To retaliate for his death in and outside the US will remain an obligation on all exiles who were harboured by Baitullah Mehsud," he added.

Clashes erupt after Egypt church shooting

Egypt-Cairo-MapCairo, Jan 7 : Huge crowds of Christians clashed with police in the southern Egyptian town of Nagaa Hamadi Thursday after a shooting outside a Coptic Christian church that left six teenagers and one policeman dead.

Footage aired on Qatar's al-Jazeera satellite television network showed police using batons to beat back angry crowds of Christians protesting the delay of the victims' burial outside the hospital morgue where the bodies were being kept.

The crowds dispersed after the corpses were released, local parishioners told DPA, adding that the bodies had been buried.

Yemen vows to fight terrorism ahead of Brown conference

Yemen vows to fight terrorism ahead of Brown conferenceSana'a/Cairo, Jan 3 - Yemen will fight terrorist groups on its soil, the country's foreign minister said Saturday, as the government welcomed a planned international conference on growing extremism in the poor Gulf country.

Security forces meanwhile began a clampdown along Yemeni coasts in efforts to prevent infiltration by Islamist militants from neighbouring Somalia.

Out of boom and bust in Dubai

Out of boom and bust in DubaiCairo/Dubai, Dec 31 - Dubai was the glitz, the glamour and the good life for many. The buildings were the fanciest, newest and tallest. The emirate had little water, but the champagne flowed freely.

The city state's leaders, and the tourists and investors who flocked for the gold rush came to expect nothing but the best.

The property market climbed with the towers vying to be the world's tallest, driving a quarter of the emirate's economic growth. But while the towers still stand, some incomplete and their future uncertain, the property market has come crashing to the ground, its future equally in doubt.

Taliban releases video of captured US soldier

Taliban releases video of captured US soldierCairo, Dec 25 : The Taliban Friday released a video purporting to show US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured in Afghanistan nearly six months ago.

The US military has not yet publicly verified the video, but the US-based monitoring group IntelCenter said that "initial analysis indicates the hostage appearing in the video is Bowe Bergdahl".

In the video, produced in December 2009, Bergdahl identifies himself, gives background about himself and his deployment, and is shown eating, wearing Afghan clothes, IntelCenter said.

Yemeni airstrike kills 30 Al Qaeda members

Yemeni airstrike kills 30 Al Qaeda members Cairo, Dec 24 : An airstrike Thursday killed 30 men suspected of plotting attacks against Yemeni and foreign targets on behalf of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, a security official said.

The pre-dawn strike targeted a meeting of Al Qaeda members in eastern Yemen's Shabwa province, an official from Yemen's High Security Committee told Yemen's state-run 26 September website (26sep. net).

Jihadists mourn death of top Al Qaeda leader's mother

Jihadists mourn death of top Al Qaeda leader's motherCairo, Dec 22 (IANS/AKI) Jihadist websites were flooded with messages of condolences to Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri over his mother's death. Umayma Azzam, died Sunday from a heart complaint in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, at the age of 75.

She died at Cairo's al-Salam hospital, where she was admitted earlier last week.

In a message posted to the Arabic news website Moheet, Azzam's brother Mahfouz al-Azzam said he was proud of his nephew al-Zawahiri who he said "defends the principles of Islam".

Return Nefertiti statue, Egypt to tell Germany

Return Nefertiti statue, Egypt to tell GermanyCairo, Dec 21 (RIA Novosti) Egypt is set to officially ask Germany to return a 3,300-year-old statue as it is believed to have been illegally taken out of the country in the early 20th century, an official has said.

Egypt maintains that the priceless limestone bust of Nefertiti, queen of ancient Egypt and wife of monotheistic Pharaoh Akhenaten, was taken out of the country in 1914 through fraudulent documents. It has been on display in Berlin's Neues Museum since 1924.

Egypt building Gaza underground wall

gazaCairo, Dec 17 : Egypt is building an underground wall along its border with the Gaza Strip in a bid to curtail the network of smuggling tunnels, a government-owned newspaper confirmed in a front-page editorial Thursday.

Egypt has been under international pressure to curtail the lucrative smuggling trade in basic commodities, drugs, weapons, livestock, motorbikes, and now, reportedly, cars through the tunnels since the imposition of a blockade on the Gaza Strip since Hamas solidified its control of the territory in 2007.

Qaeda blames ISI, RAW, CIA for ‘un-Islamic’ terror strikes in Pakistan

Qaeda blames ISI, RAW, CIA for ‘un-Islamic’ terror strikes in Pakistan Cairo, Dec. 12 : Condemning the recent terror strikes in Pakistan, the Al Qaeda has denied its involvement in the series of terror attacks in the country in the recent past, saying such strikes were ‘un-Islamic.’

In it’s latest English language video, Qaeda blamed the US and Pakistani intelligence services for the bloodshed in the country.

At least five killed in Egypt ferry collision

At least five killed in Egypt ferry collisionCairo, Dec 5 - At least five people were killed and as many as 70 were missing after two ferries collided Friday night in northern Egypt, security sources told the German Press Agency dpa.

Emergency workers were at the scene of the accident, near the northern Egyptian city of Rashid, police said, and had rescued at least 10 people. (dpa)

Algeria dream of reviving the memories of 1982

Algeria dream of reviving the memories of 1982 Algiers/Cairo, Nov 26 : After more than two decades the Algerian national football team will take part in the 2010 World Cup, carrying to South Africa the hopes and aspirations of the Arab World as their lone representative.

In the 1980's Algeria was one of the strongest teams on the continent and played in the 1982 and 1986 World Cup finals and won the African Cup of Nations in 1990 at home.

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