Kevin Rudd

Oz PM to send 450 troopers to beef up Afghan security

Kevin RuddCanberra (Australia), Apr. 29 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that his government will send 450 extra troops to beef up security in troubled Afghanistan.

However, there will be no combat troops among the latest contingent. The extra troops will assist in military training, governance and reconstruction, Rudd said, adding "Australia concurs with the United States that the current civilian and military strategy is not working."

Rudd’s three course in-flight gourmet meals leaving Oz taxpayers broke!

kevin-ruddCanberra , Apr. 22 : In the times of a great economic slump, when Australians are struggling to make both ends meet, hundreds of thousands of dollars of Oz taxpayers money are going into Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s three-course gourmet meals on every RAAF VIP flight.

The catering overhaul was introduced last month after an angry Rudd reduced a RAAF flight attendant to tears over food provisions.

The Prime Minister later issued a public apology, but it could not save him from being named, ‘Kevin Rude’.

Indonesia to extradite suspected people smuggler to Australia

Kevin Rudd Sydney - An alleged people smuggler accused of ferrying more than 900 asylum seekers to Australia is to be extradited from Indonesia to face court in Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Tuesday.

Hadi Ahmadi, a dual Iraqi-Iranian national, is believed to have arranged the dispatch of four boats to Australia in 2001.

"This action further demonstrates the absolute importance for cooperation between the Australian and Indonesian governments in dealing with the scourge of people smugglers," Rudd said.

Australian premier says people smugglers should "rot in hell"

Kevin RuddSydney - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Friday said those involved in people smuggling should "rot in hell" as authorities investigate the cause of a deadly explosion on a small fishing boat carrying 47 Afghan asylum seekers off the west coast of Australia, news reports said.

The Australian Associated Press (AAP) news agency quoted Rudd as saying his government would maintain a tough policy against people smugglers who were believed responsible for Thursday's explosion.

Tamil demonstrators protest continues outside Oz PM’s house

Tamil demonstrators protest continues outside Oz PM’s houseSydney, Apr 13 : Hundreds of Tamil demonstrators protesting outside the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Sydney residence say that they will stay there until the Australian Government urges the Sri Lankan Government to call for a ceasefire with the Tamil Tigers.

Protester Geetha Mano, 24, said the rally would continue until they got some response from Rudd or Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith.

Aussie PM condemns Fiji emergency as “military dictatorship”

Aussie PM condemns Fiji emergency as “military dictatorship”Melbourne, Apr. 12 : Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has condemned the recent declaration of emergency in Fiji, saying that the move would turn the great country into a military dictatorship.

"Australia condemns unequivocally this action by the military ruler of Fiji to turn this great country, Fiji, into virtually a military dictatorship, with the suspension of freedom of the press and actions which undermine prosperity for the ordinary people of Fiji" news. com. au quoted Rudd, as saying.