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Oz PM urges calm between India, Pakistan

Oz PM urges calm between India, PakistanCanberra, Dec 1 : Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has urged calm between India and Pakistan following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai that killed 195 people and strained relations between the two neighbouring countries.

New Delhi has accused “elements in Pakistan” of involvement in the three-day siege that wreaked havoc on Mumbai. Islamabad, however, denies any role in the attacks, the Daily Times reported.

PM Rudd says 36 Australians still missing in Mumbai

Australian Prime Minister Kevin RuddCanberra, Nov. 28  Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said tonight that he was "deeply concerned" about the well-being of 36 missing Australians in Mumbai.

A Herald Sun report said that Rudd has cancelled plans to attend a gala fundraising dinner in Sydney tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his election as Prime Minister.

He opted to stay in Canberra for a meeting this evening of the Cabinet''s National Security Committee to monitor events in Mumbai.

Mumbai''s terror attackers cowards, absolute cowards and murderers: Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Kevin RuddCanberra, Nov. 27 : Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Thursday described the attackers who planned the synchronised strikes across southern Mumbai as "cowards, absolute cowards and murderers", and warned that the number of Australian casualties from terrorist attacks in India might rise above the two people reported injured so far.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Rudd told Parliament that he had spoken to Australian High Commissioner to India John McCarthy to get an idea of the situation on ground in Mumbai.

No question on Bradman in Oz citizenship test: Rudd

Australian Prime Minister Kevin RuddLima (Peru), Nov. 22: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said that the current test for the granting of Australian citizenship, does not have a question on or about cricketing legend Sir Donals Bradman.

He also confirmed that his government is to change the Howard Government's citizenship test after a review of the exam headed by retired diplomat Dick Woolcott.

Prospective Australian citizens will not be tested on cricketing legend Don Bradman but his story will be part of non-examinable material contained in the test resource booklet, Rudd said.

Gregarious Bush reserves very business-like greeting for Rudd

George W. BushMelbourne, Nov 15 : US President George W Bush greeted world leaders with big smiles and pats on the back, but Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had to make do with a brief handshake and a relatively stony face as the pair posed for photographers and TV crews.

It was the first time the pair have met in person since the controversial leaking of a phone conversation between both men last month, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The normally gregarious Bush gave Rudd a very business-like greeting at the entry to the White House.

Bush snubs Rudd over G20 slur

Sydney  - Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd received a frosty welcome from US President George W Bush when he arrived for the White House dinner that opened the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Washington, news reports said Saturday.

While other leaders of the world's top 20 developed and emerging economies received smiles and backslaps, Rudd earned a perfunctory handshake and a stony glare, Australia's AAP news agency reported.

Rudd raised Bush's ire by telling dinner guests after taking a call from Bush on October 20 that the leader of the free world had asked him, "What's the G20?"

A dinner guest at the prime minister's Sydney residence leaked the slur to the press. It was published locally and then taken up by US newspapers.