Over 3 million new users have joined Feedly since ‘Google Reader shutdown’ announcement

Over 3 million new users have joined Feedly since ‘Google Reader shutdown’ announcementIn a disclosure which apparently has a lot to do with Google's March 13 announcement about the impending shutdown of Google Reader, multiplatform RSS solution Feedly has recently revealed that, ever since Google's announcement, more than 3 million new users have joined its service.

The sudden influx of new users at Feedly is clearly an upshot of the fact that Google has announced its decision to shutter its Google Reader product with effect from July 1. New users who are interested in switching over from Google Reader to Feedly have to merely sign up for Feedly before July 1; and, once they have completed the simple sign-up process, their feeds will be transferred over from Google Reader.

With over 3 million mew users having joined the Feedly service, the Feedly mobile apps - for iPod, iPad, iPod touch, and Android - have now been updated to include new features as well as boast some new power under the hood.

As a result of the updates announced by Feedly for its mobile clients for the iOD sevices and the Android, the users can mark a "Must Read" item when they sift through their RSS subscriptions; with the item thus marked to be automatically promoted in Feedly's Today section, so that any important posts are not missed.

In addition, the other new features which the update brings along include some noteworthy reading features, such as a pull-to-refresh gesture on the side bar, as well as a new Title view that facilitates the scanning of headlines.