Onion Rates Decline On Bettered Arrivals

Onion Rates Decline On Bettered ArrivalsRates of onion across major markets in India witnessed a decline, a month after onion rates touched all-time peaks.

At the Lasalgaon market in the state of Maharashtra, the largest for the commodity in India, rates dropped around 45% as against the last week.

Wholesale rates of red onion remained at Rs 1,352 per 100 kg, whereas the prices stood at Rs 2,553 per 100 kg during the last week.

Mr. Kiran Zodge, an onion trader from Navi Mumbai, stated that because of fresh arrivals in the market, the rates of onion declined.

Fresh onions are being traded at Rs 25-28 per kg, whereas old onions carry on fetching Rs 40-45 per kg.

At the market late last week, rates of onion revolved around Rs 2,700 per 100kg, but because of fresh arrivals, the rate begun declining, and by Monday, it came down to Rs 1,400.

The administration has been confronting the warmth owing to high onion rates, and sought to calm down rates by importing onion from Taiwan, China and Pakistan, however, by the time it reached retailers, it began rotting.

At the national capital's Azadpur mandi, the rates of onion late last week remained at Rs 3,500 per 100 kg.

Afterward, it dropped, and by January 22, it hit Rs 3,000, and dropped more by Tuesday, to Rs 1,330 per 100 kg.

As per agriculture expert, Mr. Jagadeesh Sunkad, the onion rates declined as the planned onion crop has started to arrive in the market.