Narendra Modi calls for a united stand against terrorism

Bangalore/New Delhi, Sept 14 : Gujarat Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi today urged the country to unite against terrorism.

"I don''t want to blame anyone. As far as terrorism is concerned, it is my conviction that country''s voice must be united," said Modi, who is here to attend a conclave of BJP.

Modi''s remarks came in the wake of the five serial blasts that shook New Delhi on Saturday evening, killing around 30 people and injuring around 125.

Earlier, he said that his state police had informed the Centre in advance about a detailed plan of the terrorists to hit the Capital. He also attacked the UPA for being "soft" on terrorism.

While lashing out at the Congress-led UPA for keeping in cold storage the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime bill (GUJCOC) which was pending before the President for the last four years, Modi said, "Those who are less for terror and more for terrorists are the one who opposes GUJCOC and Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO)".

Modi also said that the Congress party under Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had drifted away from the traditional Congress position on national sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil convened a meeting in New Delhi on Sunday at his residence to discuss security measures in the wake of terror attacks in the country.

A top official said various measures were discussed to tackle terrorism.

"We have also discussed various types of further measures that may be need to be taken, not only in Delhi, but in other major cities. We have been observing that these kinds of incidents have been happening in various cities. So, in each incident you gain learning experience, so we have been examining what kind of further measures are required. We will be working on those measures also in a time bound manner," said Madhukar Gupta, the Union Home Secretary.

Meanwhile, Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the bomb blasts. In an email to media organisations, the terror outfit that had also claimed responsibility for the July 26 Ahmedabad blasts, said that it had carried out the serial blasts in Delhi. It threatened that there would be nine blasts in all. (ANI)

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