Mi-Fone rolling on Indian carpet

Mi-Fone rolling on Indian carpetAfrica's steadfast growing mobile phone manufacturer, Mi-Fone, has entered the Indian telecom sector with its vivid range of new phones.

With a presence in 15 countries across Africa, Mi-Fone is playing in its second year of operations and it has already become a popular in the continent.

The thought to enter the Indian markets was in talks from past 1 year; however it has now got the flight to make a safe landing on the Indian soil after setting up proper distribution channel across the country.

The handsets include three variants in the Mi Q range, Mi-Q1 GPRS with camera, dual sim card and the Mi-Q5S. The other phones to be launched after the debut are the Mi 323, Mi 338, Mi 2010 and the Mi 350a.

All the handsets in the Mi-Q range have a full color screen, FM radio and QWERTY keypad. The Mi-Q338 comes with a LCD touch screen, Dual Sim with analog TV, MP3 and video capability as well as multi-media functions including SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and a shake sensor.

Further the company has planned to launch a broader spectrum in the Mi-Q handsets range will include "MI-APPS" which shall enable its users to experience the Mi-Fone terms, a lighter version of the "Blackberry experience". It will also include the Push email and Messenger.