Microsoft & Novell Entered In A Joint Virtualization Offering

The existing partnership of Microsoft with Linux vendor Novell is bring turned into a joint virtualization offering, which will allow hardware vendors to offer Windows Server 2008 systems that also support virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server software.

Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization software will run the Novell Linux package on its server. The companies have united with the aim that the new system will be optimized for the virtualized Linux system, which will give rise to more flexibility for companies to deal and store the operating system.  

Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of infrastructure server marketing for Microsoft's server and tools branch, informed, “For customers standardizing on Microsoft’s hypervisor, who also have a mixed-source IT environment, this virtualization solution gives that choice.” "For channel partners who need a cross-platform hypervisor offering, our work with Novell gives them an easy starting point.”  

This step will also give a new way to the ongoing partnership between Microsoft and Novell. In 2006, these two came together and signed a licensing deal which according to many was Microsoft's official acceptance of Linux.  

When Microsoft agreed to spend another $100m on new SUSE licenses last month, the two renovated their partnership. Microsoft sees this deal as a step forward in their partnership.

Kelly reported, “The collaboration between Microsoft and Novell has been built by our desire to meet our customers' and partners' IT needs, and to deliver solutions that support mixed-source environments.”

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