Mercanti to serve extra time for ACC refusal

Troy-MercantiFinks bikie gang associates stated that Troy Mercanti is aimed to offer an extra four months in jail to deny answers to questions at an Australian Crime Commission investigation.

43 year-old Mercanti is admitted under a two year and four month sentence for assault which will not be over until April next year.

He was further called to answer an ACC inquiry into prearranged crime last year, but denied to answer 10 questions.

District Court Judge Allan Fenbury has been sentenced for a 12 month jail term but Mercanti can be stated on a good behavior bond after serving four months.

His associate, Tammy Kingdon, was brought forward in court for the sentencing.

She was left out for sentencing in case of former details for stealing from a trust fund that pertains to kids of a rival bikie gang but the case was adjourned.

Meanwhile this has been brought forth in notice of the judge and soon the action shall be taken forth.