Mel Gibson to play LA cop in Edge Of Darkness

Mel GibsonMelbourne, Nov 10 : Mad Max star Mel Gibson is all set to play the part of a Los Angeles cop in his new flick ‘Edge Of Darkness’.

This will be the first time since his conviction for a road rage and DUI incident in 2006 that Gibson is returning to the showbiz stage, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The movie, which is set in Boston, is on familiar territory for the actor, who plays homicide detective Tom Craven investigating the death of his activist daughter.

Gibson is eager to go back to work, as he has signed up for two more related roles.

The first ‘Under And Alone’ will see him play an ATF agent who infiltrates a notorious bikie gang.

The second movie ‘Sam And George’ will see him teaming up with Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner to play a man released from prison after serving 20 years for a crime he didn''t commit. (ANI)