Jolie wants kids to understand difference between reel and real-life violence

Washington, November 5 : Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie might have played gun-wielding characters in films, but she wants to ensure that her children understand the difference between movie roles and real life.

"We don''t take war and violence lightly, but we don''t hide it from anybody," People magazine quoted her as telling British Harper''s Bazaar for its December issue.

"Listen, my kids play video games. I let them play with toy soldiers," she added.

Jolie, who has six kids with Brad Pitt, insisted that one should adopt an honest approach to make kids aware of the existence of violent in real life.

"We say, ''Mommy and Daddy have movies where we play these characters, but there''s real death and real violence in the world,''" she said.

"There''s a real responsibility there to create in their minds the difference between the two," she added.

The actress also said that she tried to find parts with positive role models for her three daughters – Zahara, 3, Shiloh, 2, and Vivienne, 3 months.

"I tell stories that are about the type of woman where I think there''s something about her that will be fun for my daughters to see," she said.

Asked how did she look herself at present, she said: "I am still, at heart – and always will be – just a punk kid with tattoos." (ANI)