Iran’s Gulf Exercise is expected to begin soon

Iran’s Gulf Exercise is expected to begin soonIran is expected to conduct a military exercise in the Persian Gulf shortly. According to a news agency, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is going to begin land, sea and air activity as well very soon.

The report suggests that the exercise is expected to continue for five days. The exercises are aimed to exhibit the nation's strength, will and its determination to defend independence and territorial integrity according to the deputy chief of the Revolutionary Guard.

The United States has a close eye on the event as Iran is moving its surface and air weapons quite silently which indicates that some crucial activities are going to happen. However, the officials have denied commenting on this as the issue is sensitive enough.

This kind of activity is not new and there have been several such exercises occurred in the past, but according to the US officials this one is getting more attention as the IRGC crops have gone public on this matter and its naval forces have shown some aggressiveness in this mission.