Hrithik Roshan unveils world's largest vending machine

Hrithik Roshan unveils world's largest vending machine Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan on Thursday entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the launch of the world's largest vending machine - Hot Wheels Thrill machine.

Hrithik, the captain of Hot Wheels Team Xtreme unveiled one-of-a-kind more than 25 ft. tall Hot Wheels Thrill vending machine at the Oberoi Mall, in Mumbai.

Through the huge vending machine, Hot Wheels fans will be able to get a never-seen-before experience of seeing their much loved Hot Wheels cars in action on tracks. Users will be able to activate the machine by inserting a token that will cost Rs 100. After inserting the token into the machine, they will be able to select a car of their choice. The machine will dispense the selected car by making it zoom down the HW track full of curves and turns, right into the hands of user.

During the launch event, the 38-year-old actor shared his childhood memories and his passion for cars with his fans.

Sharing hi childhood memories, he said, "I grew up playing with cars-&-track sets. My friends and I would make mountains of furniture and pillows and create our own world of racing thrills."

Hrithik also claimed that he had spent his first earning on buying Hot Wheels cars.

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