Hacker attacks have reached 100 units per second

HackerThe annual report Symantec informs that the hackers attack have touched 100 units per second in the world. Cyber crime in the country has seen a remarkable growth in India as well. Mumbai has topped the list of hacking activities followed by other cities like Delhi and Hyderabad. India has stood fifth in the list of hacking cases.

As per the recent report published by Symantec, the hackers are especially targeting the popular social networking sites. The companies have also become the targets of some of the hackers. This has been the violation of the intellectual property rights in the country.

Cyber criminals are easily targeting the business networks and these networks are not at all secured now. The number of hacker attacks in the world has reached 100 units per second now.

Hence there has been a massive 71% growth in the number of hacking activities. Around 3,000,000 viruses have been registered in a year all across the globe. So now it has become even more difficult to catch these cyber criminals.