Anything goes in Sydney's colourful winter fashion scene

Anything goes in Sydney's colourful winter fashion sceneSydney  - A Saturday morning in Paddington, a trendy section of Sydney. A guy with red-dyed hair wearing a knitted sweater leans casually on a counter at a hot location called the Fringe Bar. His girlfriend sips sparkling wine while flipping through a chrome rack of vintage clothing. It's winter in Sydney, Australia's multicultural metropolis.

Universities look to get on merchandising bandwagon

Oxford, England  - It is no surprise that students attending an Oxford college might want to show off their elite status. But now shops in the city have gone one step further and are selling underwear with a picture of the extinct Dodo, the DNA of which scientists at Oxford have succeeded in isolating.

That sales gimmick may seem a little quirky to outsiders but Oxford is following a development where universities are making money with sales of printed t-shirts, baseball caps and coffee mugs. The English university is trying to lead the pack by offering items such as golf balls and necklaces with university logos or even hats for babies.

Smile – the most convincing sign of work success

Smile – the most convincing sign of work successLondon, Feb 2 : Forget expensive suits, flashy cars and mobiles - looking happy is more than enough to put you miles ahead in business world.

That's the conclusion of a new UK research.

According to the study, 25percent of people believe that appearing happy and content are the biggest measures of success at work, and good looks, charm or hidden talent are considered the least important qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur, reports The Daily Express.

Women more likely to cheat on their partners than men

Women more likely to cheat on their partners than menLondon, Sept 2 : And you thought men do all the "goofing around" when the topic of long-term relationships arises - a new shocking UK poll has found that women are more likely to cheat on their partners than men.

Four out of 10 admitted they had been unfaithful compared to just three out of 10 men, the surprising study found.

The poll of 3,000 adults discovered that two fifths of cheats ended up kissing someone while out clubbing while almost one in four cheated with a colleague at a work event.

Living without a car in areas with high fast food availability ups obesity risk

Living without a car in areas with high fast food availability ups obesity riskWashington, September 1 : People who do not own a car, and live in areas where there are a number of fast food restaurants, may be at an increased risk of becoming obese, according to a study.

American researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have observed that people who live in areas with high fast food concentration and do not have a car are as much as 12 pounds heavier, compared to those living in neighbourhoods that lack such restaurants.

Girls who go to single-sex schools find ‘girly’ guys more attractive

Girls who go to single-sex schools find ‘girly’ guys more attractiveLondon, Aug 28 : Studying in single-sex schools can have a significant impact on who you find attractive, claims a new study.

The study suggests that female students surrounded every day by girls are more attracted to feminine looking boys, such as High School Musical star Zac Efron.

While boys at all-male schools are more likely to go for girls with more masculine faces.

Brits drinking more ''by stealth'' – thanks to stronger booze

Brits drinking more ''by stealth'' – thanks to stronger boozeLondon, August 27 : People are taking in more booze "by stealth", thanks to stronger drinks that are on sale, according to an analysis of consumption in the UK.

Researchers Mintel, who headed the survey, found the alcohol consumption level per person had leaped by 10 per cent since last nine years despite steady drink sales.

The research firm suggested the change could be linked to wines and lagers that were boasting of stronger alcohol content than before, leaving people unaware of the changes, reports the BBC.

Why less is more in the bedroom

Why less is more in the bedroomMunich - Despite fresh sheets on the bed, a sufficient airing of the room and care taken not to consume too much coffee during the day, falling asleep is still illusive.

Unfortunately, there's no patented method for getting a restful night's sleep. But there are a few rules about arranging the bedroom, and while they might not ensure sweet dreams, they should help create a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere.

Step 1: Less is more

St Francis of Assisi's "minor friars" still fighting for peace

St Francis of Assisi's "minor friars" still fighting for peaceHamburg - It was 800 years ago that a group of devout men in the central Italian region of Umbria decided to give themselves the modest name of "Fratres Minores" or "lesser brothers."

The brotherhood of Friars Minor, as it also came to be known, grew up in 1209 around 27-year-old Francesco Bernardone, the son of a rich Assisi merchant.

Cash-strapped Brit couples prefer to buy practical gifts than luxuries

London, Aug 26 : Romantic presents like flowers and jewellery are fast becoming history, courtesy cash-strapped couples who prefer gifting useful and practical presents to each other.

That''s the conclusion of a new research.

The study revealed that almost 60 per cent of Britons preferred to buy a useful article as gift for their partners, rather than something that is not a necessity, reports the Scotsman.

The researchers found that most couples gifted jewellery to each other two decades ago. But now, they''ve been turned into gadgets like iPod, or DVDs and books.

Jewellery came in third in the list, but a kitchen gadget such as a breadmaker was named the fourth most popular gift.

Kiwi women are the most assertive worldwide

Kiwi women are the most assertive worldwideMelbourne, Aug 25 : A new study had found Kiwi women to be the most assertive across the world.

A study conducted by the national Families Commission has found that New Zealand women are among the most jealous and possessive in the world.

One in seven Kiwi men says that his girl gets angry whenever she spots him speaking to other women. Nine out of ten women have the same issues with their men.

The research suggests that Kiwi women are also more likely to dominate the personal lives of their partners, and bar them from seeing friends and relatives.

How sharing is different from gift giving and exchanging marketplace commodities

Washington, August 25 : A new research article has shed light on how sharing is different from gift giving or exchanging marketplace commodities, and how cultural changes affect people's tendency to share.

"Sharing is a fundamental consumer behaviour that we have either tended to overlook or to confuse with commodity exchange and gift giving," writes author Russell Belk, of York University, Toronto.

"Rather than absolute distinctions, I see these as categories that share fuzzy boundaries," he adds.

German academic calls humour ‘an act of aggression’

German academic calls humour ‘an act of aggression’London, August 24 : A German academic sees humour as an act of aggression, and says that people who make others laugh think that they are higher up the social ladder than their audiences.

Helga Kotthoff, of the Frieburg University of Education, claims that dominant people exploit the ability to make others laugh as a degree of control to show that they are in charge.

Females prefer shorter sex, while males longer

Washington, August 22 : A new study has shown that female fruit flies prefer keeping sex short and sweet because they get a reproductive boost from shorter intercourse.

Since males like sex to last longer, a fight ensues.

"After about a minute and a half (of mating), the female begins kicking and struggling," National Geographic News quoted Kirsten Klappert, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, as having written in the study report.

The researcher notes that when mating lasts longer, female flies have less time to mate again with a different male, if they do so at all.

Brit women ditching luxury make-up for longer-lasting Botox

Brit women ditching luxury make-up for longer-lasting BotoxLondon, Aug 20 : An increasing number of British women are giving up costly make-up in favour of longer-lasting Botox.

The demand for the 175-pound to 300-pound anti-wrinkle jabs has risen by 14pct.

However, the demand for luxury makeup has plunged by 13pct.

More women, who are over-50s and looking for jobs, are getting Botox to beat young girls.

"We all just want to look beautiful," the Daily Star quoted analysts Mintel as saying. (ANI)

20pct of Brit women go to work knickerless!

20pct of Brit women go to work knickerless!London, Aug 20 : Almost twenty percent of British women have gone to work without wearing their knickers, says a new book.

The book titled `8 Out Of 10 Brits' by Charlie Croker has revealed that women own 22 pairs of knickers on average - and nearly 1in 5 has gone to work knickerless.

They also spend three hours a day on housework on average, reports The Sun.

Coming on to the blokes, the book revealed that around 8 per cent of them never brush their teeth in the morning.

And when it comes household work, men clock up one hour and forty minutes.

Romantic candle-lit dinners can lead to cancer

Romantic candle-lit dinners can lead to cancerWashington, Aug 20 : A candle-lit dinner with your date may actually be harmful for the environment, and lead to cancer, suggests a new study.

The research claims that burning candles made from paraffin wax could mean exposing yourself to indoor air pollution, including the known human carcinogens.

Levels of chemicals released by candles include harmful substances such as toluene and benzene, which are known to cause cancer.

"Smart tipping" becomes Amsterdam's latest trend

"Smart tipping" becomes Amsterdam's latest trendAmsterdam  - Big luxury cars are often targeted by thieves but in Amsterdam compact cars have become sought after objects. A few locals have taken to pushing the small cars into the city's canals in a practice that has become known as "Smart tipping," named after the popular European two-person car, the Smart.

According to The Netherlands' daily newspaper De Telegraaf, hardly a weekend passes without a small car falling victim to youngsters stoned on hashish and beer.

Australians battle to be with their children

Australians battle to be with their childrenSydney  - Australian sociologist Bruce Smyth calls them Disneyland Dads: fathers who surrender care of their children to their ex-wives so completely that on the occasions they do see them a treat in a theme park or a slap-up meal in a restaurant is likely to feature.

But times are changing and more and more divorced dads are either becoming the primary carers of their offspring or demanding more time with them.

Blue jeans' marketing struggle: Hard to find the right fit

Blue jeans' marketing struggle: Hard to find the right fitBerlin  - Cowboys, pioneers and rugged men out on the prairie: These are the images that made blue jeans into a cult object.

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