TV's Lipstick Jungle reruns an already tired plot

TV's Lipstick Jungle reruns an already tired plotNew York  - As a plot for a television show, this might sound a little familiar: Attractive power-women juggle careers and relationships in Manhattan. When things go badly they comfort each other by drinking cocktails or going shopping.

A yacht for the kid who has everything

A yacht for the kid who has everythingSydney  - What did 15-year-old Emily Palmer's dad go out and buy her in September? A mobile phone, a laptop, orthodontics?

No. Instead, mining mogul Clive Palmer, who boasts of being Australia's richest man, bought her a 30-metre yacht costing 5.3 million Australian dollars (4.5 million US dollars). And it wasn't even her birthday. The present was just something he said he picked up cheap at a Brisbane marine auction.

"He's funny and strange, but really caring at the same time," Emily says of her dad. "He's a bit eccentric, just a bit."

Horse of a different colour as locals contribute to public art

Freiburg, Germany  - An equine statue has become a cult figure in the south-western German city of Freiburg and beyond, as a public canvas for talented artists and those of more modest pretensions.

The flanks of this cantering horse, called Holbein, are always coated in paint but the birthday greetings or confessions of undying love regularly give way to a new outfit or embellishments. Holbein can be seen variously in virginal white or wearing the stripes of somebody's favourite football team.

Marrying on sequential dates still popular

Marrying on sequential dates still popular sequential Hamburg  - All over the world couples chose September 9, 2009 as their wedding day, believing the sequential date - 9.9.09 - would bring them luck.

In Germany, more couples wanted to marry on that day than on another ordinary weekday. However, compared with August 8, 2008 - abbreviated to 8.8.08 - there were fewer ceremonies at justice of the peace offices across Germany.

In Dusseldorf, for example, 27 couples tied the knot on September 9, while on August 8, 2008, 47 got married there.

6 out of 10 Brit women say shopping gives them a buzz

6 out of 10 Brit women say shopping gives them a buzzLondon, Sept 24 : Six out of 10 British women have confessed that shopping gives them a buzz – even if it just meant buying bread or milk, says a new survey.

According to a poll of 5,347 women, over half of the entire female population shop because it gives them a high and a third can''''t help spending money - even when they can''''t afford it.

Four in 10 said they tried not to visit the high street when the sales were on as they were unable to resist a bargain, reports The Daily Express.

Soon, inexpensive paper batteries to power clothes, packaging material

Washington, Sep 24 : Ever thought about getting a birthday gift wrapped in a paper that sings "Happy Birthday" to you? Well, thanks to an amazing battery made out of paper, this could soon be a reality.

Made of cellulose, the stuff of paper, the new battery can have a variety of applications.

According to Albert Mihranyan and colleagues, scientists are trying to develop light, eco-friendly, inexpensive batteries consisting entirely of non-metal parts and the most promising materials include so-called conductive polymers or "plastic electronics."

One conductive polymer, polypyrrole (PPy), seemed promising, but was often regarded as too inefficient for commercial batteries.

Now, underwear for left-handed men!

London, September 24 : For the first time an underwear has been designed exclusively for left-handed men which will "save them up to three, often vital, seconds when they visit the loo".

‘Hom’ is the company which is coming up with the undies that will meet the comfort needs of southpaws, reports the Telegraph.

Rob Faucherand, the head of men’s accessories buying at Debenhams, the department store that is stocking the pants, said: “In our view this is a vital step toward equality for left handed men.

“We see no reason why an accident of birth should dictate the type of underpants you can wear for the rest of your life.”

Grapple with the big issues with a professional philosopher

Leipzig, Germany  - Guillaume Paoli, house philosopher at the central theatre in the German city of Leipzig, will be opening a philosophical practice in the coming weeks.

"It's about creating an opportunity in which people will be able to grapple with philosophical, cultural and cultural-political subjects," said Paoli in a conversation with the German Press Agency dpa. "It has absolutely nothing to do with therapy."

The practice is located in an administrative building of the theatre and will be open every Monday from 3:30 until 6:30 pm. There's no charge to visit the practice. The French-born Paoli has been the house philosopher at the Leipzig theatre for a year.

Successful visit to hairdresser includes thorough consultation

Hanover  - A visit to the hairdresser that ends in embarrassment, tears and a cap over the head certainly is undesirable.

Ideally, the customer returns home with exactly the hairstyle she wanted. The path to this goal is forged by preparing well. Knowing your own style helps, as does understanding your hair type and the shape of your head and matching colour. Looking at photos in a

magazine provides little assistance, experts say.

Urban angling in Kiev - "Traffic doesn't scare the fish"

Kiev  - "Make no mistake, they're down there," whispered Kiev fisherman Maksim Gorbunov, as he searched for pike signs. "But a 'crocodile,' he's smart, think about it, thousands of people trying to hook him all those years and here he's still swimming around," Gorbunov said, with a trace of respect.

A lifetime Kiev resident Gorbunov, 58, spends most his days deftly placing lures of his own manufacture in proximity of reeds lining the Dnipro, Europe's fourth-largest river.

Gorbunov's target is the Esox Lucius, or Northern Pike, a carnivorous fish fairly common in Ukraine's waterways, despite industrial pollution and the increasing urbanisation of the former Soviet state.

Queensland mums’ fashion war at school gates

Queensland mums’ fashion war at school gatesMelbourne, September 21 : Queensland's mums are presently involved in a fashion war that takes place at school gates.

The sides are apparently divided into "slummy mummys" who wear pyjamas and tracksuit pants, and the "yummy mummys" with heavy style quotient wearing designer denim and expensive sunglasses.

The mothers apparently showcase their rivalry everyday before and after-school drop-off at school gate.

However, the flurry of words happens on the net at superkawaiimama. com fashion blog.

McDonald’s voted UK''s Most-Hated Brand

McDonald’s voted UK''s Most-Hated BrandLondon, September 21 : Britons have voted fast food giant McDonald''s as the most-hated brand in a new survey.

The world''s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants gathered votes from 46 per cent of consumers to be the least-liked brands in the poll, conducted for Marketing magazine.

Charlie Robertson, of Glasgow''s Red Spider brand consultancy, said that health concerns and its market dominance might explain consumers' dislike of McDonald''s.

Flawless Diamond bags order worth Rs 17 crore

Flawless Diamond bags order worth Rs 17 croreFlawless Diamond, a Mumbai-based Jewellery maker, has secured a repeat order worth Rs 17 crore from one Hong Kong based firm for designer jewellery.

The company has bagged a repeat order from Hong Kong based - Malay Impex. Earlier the company bagged an order worth Rs 18.5 crore from Malay Impex in July.

The company will deliver this order within next six months.

The stock of the company closed today at Rs 37, up 6% compared to its previous close of Rs 35.

Europe's most seriously-endangered language is alive and well

Europe's most seriously-endangered language is alive and wellSaterland, Germany  - "The Little Prince" by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of the best-selling books of all time and it has been translated into around 180 languages.

Beauty business thrives in Africa

Beauty business thrives in AfricaJohannesburg  - Mercy Ndhlovu and Nomsa Mncube run a beauty "salon" under the open sky on the edge of a street near a Johannesburg shopping centre.

They are there on work days from early until late, and not far away, eight other stylists wait for customers. Mercy Ndhlovu gets her first customer at noon. She wants a style called twists, which consists of a hair piece that is attached to the hair close to the head and turned inward, said Ndhlovu.

"Looking good is important for all women, no matter how or where they live," said the Zimbabwean.

Has fasting during Ramadan gone out of style?

Has fasting during Ramadan gone out of style?Istanbul  - Forty-six-year-old Kadriye sits on the balcony of her Istanbul apartment and sips tea.

Normally, there would be nothing unusual about her enjoying tea at 9 a. m. on a Saturday, but the day before was the first day of Ramadan, a month of fasting during which all proper Muslims are expected to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from sunrise to sunset. Only women who are pregnant or nursing, travellers and sick people are exempt.

Environmental campaign urges Brazilians to pee in the shower

Environmental campaign urges Brazilians to pee in the showerSao Paulo, Brazil  - The environmental organization SOS Mata Atlantica is currently running a campaign that encourages Brazilians to save water by urinating while they are showering.

The campaign is called Xixi no Bahno (Peepee in bath) and it is being promoted through short, funny videos. It also has its own website (www. xixinobanho. org. br) where users can answer a questionnaire about peeing in the shower.

Life and work getting mixed up

Sydney  - Jon Steel, planning chief in Sir Martin Sorrell's London-based advertising company WPP, is now living in the Australian city of Perth, half a world away from his boss and from his former office.

"A lot of work I was doing within the group was done by video conference and email anyway," Steel explained. "I can play a similar role to what I've been doing globally."

That's the modern workplace: any country, any time zone, anywhere there's a wireless network. Technology has overturned the notion of company time and personal time.

The Caribbean hotel that offers $300 off to couples conceiving during stay!

London, September 15 : Here's good news for those planning `good news'. A luxury resort on a Dutch Caribbean island has come up with an unusual scheme-a discount of 300 dollars for couples if they conceive a child during their stay.

The Westin Resort in Aruba introduced the offer, open to guests staying at the hotel before December 18 of this year, in a bid to lure future mothers and fathers.

Couples can bag a 300-dollar `Conception Credit' if they are able to prove the baby was conceived on the resort's premises during the time of their stay, reports the Telegraph.

A spokesperson for Westin said that a doctor's note confirming that the probable conception date coincided with the lovers' stay would be received as evidence.

Bipasha Basu tops list of hottest celebrities around the world

Bipasha Basu tops list of hottest celebrities around the world Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu has been declared as the hottest celebrity by Maxim magazine. She was selected from the list of the 100 hottest celebrities from around the world.  

Bipasha has a great dressing sense coupled with seductive and extremely curvy body. Last year Deepika Padukone topped the list of hottest celebrities. This year, she was replaced by Bipasha.  

Sultry Bipasha will be soon seen on the cover page of the latest Indian edition of the magazine. The actress is excited by the new honor.

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