Girls play Barbie in life-size doll's house in Buenos Aires

Girls play Barbie in life-size doll's house in Buenos AiresBuenos Aires  - A girl who wants to be a "Barbie" has to start practicing early in life and in Buenos Aires she can.

The world now has its first store there. Little girls can immerse themselves in the dream world of the long-legged doll. Behind the store's inconspicuous facade lies a full 650 square metres of retail space where girls can discover all that goes on in the life of a proper doll.

They also can be transformed into a Barbie.

Artificial fingernails can cause fungal infection

Artificial fingernails can cause fungal infectionMarburg, Germany  - Artificial fingernails increase the risk of a fungal infection, according to a German health organization based in Marburg.

The fingernail is especially vulnerable to infection and other changes when the artificial nail is removed. This also raises the risk of the infection spreading. Therefore, people who work in kitchens and who provide nursing care in particular should not have artificial fingernails, said Germany's Green Cross.

How to create living space in all rooms of a home

How to create living space in all rooms of a homeHamburg  - There was a time when a sofa could have a pressed board on the back because it would never be placed anywhere except against a wall.

Trend experts say those days are over as individual rooms are blending into one another to create large living spaces that are divided only by a shelf or sofa. And this development is having an affect on other furniture as well.

"All furniture fits everywhere," is how the association for the German furniture industry describes the new trend in words.

Summer mountain boarding pistes gaining in popularity

Summer mountain boarding pistes gaining in popularityIserlohn, Germany  - Snowboarders are lured to snow-covered pistes in winter and they no longer have to go without the fun of having a board under their feet in summer.

Mountain boarding is latest sports trend that involves careering down expansive hills and daredevil jumps in summer.

Equipped with air-filled tyres, the boards can be used to master nearly any grassy slope. The sport started in the mid 1980s in the United States and later caught on in Britain and Germany.

Black emerges as designer''s favourite at Delhi Fashion Week

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion WeekNew Delhi, Mar 20 : Black emerged as hot pick of the designers for Autumn/Winter season at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

Drawing inspiration from the world of sports, Bollywood stylist Manish Malhotra showcased a collection in black and gold merging sports and evening wear to come up with an assortment of dresses for both men and women.

Saris with kegs and racer backs, kurtas with zipper hood tops and guys wearing bandhgala (jackets) with track pants formed a part of this unique collection.

Branches of elite US universities at Qatar's doorstep

Doha, Qatar  - Any self-respecting family in the oil-rich Arab Gulf monarchies sends its children to study in Britain or the United States and conservative ones send their sons only. Some progressive clans also give their daughters a chance - always in the hope that after four semesters in the "sinful" West, the young women will still be marriageable back home.

As most Gulf Arabs prefer to have their daughters nearby or at least in an Islamic environment, female students outnumber males in many places in the Gulf states. At state-run Qatar University, for example, there are currently about 6,000 female students as opposed to
3,000 male students.