Directing the chorus of twitters: Finding the relevant news

 Finding the relevant newsHamburg  - Barack Obama uses Twitter. A follower of the Dalai Lama does as well, thereby giving the world the impression that the real Tibetan spiritual leader is behind the aphorisms.

Cultural interpreter opens minds about other religions, people

Cultural interpreter opens minds about other religions, peopleHamburg  - Ayhan Cantay calls himself a "culture opener." The job he does in a public school district in Hamburg, Germany might be more accurately described as "cultural interpreter."

"Who among you knows Christianity?" Cantay, 31, asks a classroom of fifth graders. All 23 children raise their hands. "And who knows Islam?" About half respond.

The revival of a watch-making tradition in eastern Germany

The revival of a watch-making tradition in eastern GermanyBerlin  - Twenty years ago Glashuette, nestling in Germany's enchanting Mueglitz Valley, midway between Dresden and the Czech border, was in the doldrums. Its once famous watch-making industry had hit bad times. Of its original 2,200 workforce only 100 employees were left.

Then the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989, followed a year later by the disintegration of the communist East German state. That led Walter Lange, who had been forced to leave communist East Germany in 1948, to return to Glashuette on December 7, 1990.

Memory training with the waiters of Buenos Aires

Memory training with the waiters of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires  - Over 15 separate types of coffee are on the menu together with various teas, juices, lemonades and food dishes - but Omar Velusio never makes a mistake when it comes to taking an order. "I have no problem remembering the orders from up to five tables," says the waiter, "after that it gets more difficult. Especially when guests order a meal as well. But thanks to my experience it works itself out."

Emperor of an invisible kingdom - Paris perfumer Fraysse

Paris - Richard Fraysse is not very fond of his nickname "the nose." After all would an artist be flattered to be called "the eye," he asks. Fraysse would much prefer to be referred to as a "composer" yet the fact of the matter is that he is known for his sense of smell which reveals to him a world hidden to most mortals.

As a perfumer the otherwise unremarkable Frenchman is emperor of an invisible world of fragrances. He has created more than 80 artificial odours in three decades and he numbers oriental princesses and international stars among his clientele.

Making music with game consoles

Berlin  - Picture a club in the Netherlands with a mass of perspiring young people surging towards the stage in eager anticipation. Suddenly the light goes off and Tim Groeneboom walks into view with a guitar dangling from a strap around his neck.

Only those who look a little closer can discern that this is no ordinary instrument. For one thing it is made of plastic and the neck is covered with brightly-coloured buttons.

But then Tim Groeneboom, whose stagename is WiiJ Timski, is no ordinary performer either. He teases the most extraordinary sounds from this toy-like guitar, from heavy rock to electronic.

Skin and hair care in winter

Skin and hair care in winterBerlin  - The arrival of fall means it's high time to sort through the products sitting on the bathroom shelf. That's because as the temperature sinks outdoors and the heat is turned up indoors, skin and hair need special treatment to protect them from harsh weather and dryness.

Shop to the music: The importance of the right background sound

Shop to the music: The importance of the right background soundStuttgart  - The image is a strange one: An upmarket men's tailor sits in his shop, expensive material all around, rap music blaring from the sound system.

Any customer would recognize immediately that something isn't right. A group of scientists at a Stuttgart media college approached this phenomenon in a research project that studied music's effect on shoppers. The team, led by Professor Eberhard Wuest, reached an interesting conclusion: Shoppers remember what they hear better than what they see.

Gyrofocus, the hanging fireplace, named World’s Most Beautiful Object

Gyrofocus, the hanging fireplace, named World’s Most Beautiful ObjectLondon, Oct 14 : Gyrofocus, the hanging fireplace that can rotate through 360 degrees to throw light and heat into all corners of a room, has been named the most beautiful object in the world.

The new winner of the Pulchra design competition, essentially a beauty contest for beautiful objects, took first prize over legions of other beautifully designed objects.

Designed all the way back in 1968, the fireplace was designed by Dominique Imbert, the founder of French contemporary fireplace firm Focus, reports The Telegraph.

Miss Plastic Hungary beauty contest features women with breast implants, nose jobs, face lifts!

Miss Plastic Hungary beauty contest features women with breast implants, nose jobs, face lifts!London, Oct 10 : Hungarian women are celebrating fake beauty in a pageant where contestants showing breast implants, nose jobs and face lifts are bidding for the title of Miss Plastic Hungary 2009.

The competition for unnatural beauties is promoting the benefits of plastic surgery in a country where artificial enhancements are viewed mostly with a wary eye.

Gitanjali forays into exclusive retail; plans 60 stores

Mehul Choksi, Chairman and Managing Director, Gitanjali Gems Gitanjali Lifestyle, leading jewellery as well as lifestyle brand, has announced that it has entered into exclusive retail business.

The sources informed that the company envisages to inaugurate 60 stores across India within the coming five fiscals.

Sources added the company is eyeing at cities like Indore, Raipur and Guwahati for locating the proposed stores.

As per official sources, Gitanjali today opened the first stores of its retail chain 'Maya' in New Delhi.

Meet ‘Men-tertainers’ – men who cook, host parties

Meet ‘Men-tertainers’ – men who cook, host partiesLondon, October 08 : “Men-tertainers” is the new term to define the growing number of men who have begun to prove their culinary skills by hosting dinner parties for their friends.

These guys seem to spend their free time at the kitchen inspired by male cooks like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

And about the dinner – they do it everything on their own, right from sending out invites to planning the recipes and doing the cooking.

People prefer to talk face-to-face rather than online

People prefer to talk face-to-face rather than onlineMelbourne, Oct 8 : Despite the popularity of social networking websites, most people give preference to face-to-face talks, according to a new study.

The UniSA study, which compared word-of-mouth discussions about entertainment with chatting about them online, found most prefer to exchange views in person or over the phone.

Deakin University communications and social media lecturer Ross Monaghan said the preference stretched beyond these topics, reports The Courier Mail.

"Online technology involves a lot of time shifting," he said.

Curtain comes down on oldest soap opera

New York  - A US television soap opera known as the mother of them all has gone off the air after 72 years without much fuss from its audience.

The final episode of Guiding Light, a show that people in the television business call a daytime drama, was broadcast on September 18 from New York, and with its demise the fictitious town Springfield and the made-up Bauer, Spaulding, Cooper and Lewis families also went into the dustbin.

Guiding Light began as a radio soap opera on January 25, 1937. It later transferred to television and gathered a strong following made up mostly housewives.

Argentine architect invents takeaway house

Argentine architect invents takeaway houseBuenos Aires  - Matias Konstandt has travelled a lot, but he has always kept his base in Buenos Aires.

"I love crossing the Andes or walking in the desert," Konstandt said. "But I don't like tents or caravans quite that much. It's always so tight in there. Whenever I have been in a beautiful place surrounded by nature, I have always wished for a small, beautiful house, to be able to stay there a couple of months."

Manga fans gather to see and be seen

Manga fans gather to see and be seenKassel, Germany  - There are not many events at which attendees are in danger of stepping on a man's train or a women's tail.

One such event, however, took place recently in Kassel, Germany where thousands of fans of Japanese animation, known as manga, gathered to see the colourful comics and cartoons. They went not just to see and buy the newest magazines and DVDs, but also to experience the scene - the shriller and more colourful the better.

Indian art pushes into European marketplace

Indian art pushes into European marketplaceBerlin  - Viveek Sharma smiles as he points to a figure next to the Hindu elephant god Ganesha.

"That's me," said the 41-year-old painter from Mumbai. Sharma is a specialist in painting realistic paintings that look like photographs - and in making himself a feature in the paintings. As a recipient of a scholarship to the Chemnitz artist in residence programme, Sharma currently paints not in his tiny studio in Mumbai, but in a large atelier in Chemnitz's art museum.

London museum to host exhibition on Royal India

London museum to host exhibition on Royal IndiaLondon, Oct. 7 : A glittering exhibition exploring the opulence of India’s royal courts will bring together more than 250 objects, including thrones, gem-encrusted weapons and a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I.

Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts: will open at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Saturday, with many objects on loan to Britain for the first time from India’s royal collections.

The Times quoted museum authorities as saying that the exhibition would be the first comprehensively to explore the world of the maharajas and their rich culture.

Raymond to open 300 stores in class IV, V towns

Raymond to open 300 stores in class IV, V townsRaymond Ltd, leading Indian textile firm, has decided to set up about 300 stores by end-March 2011.

The sources informed that the new stores will take company's total store-count to 800.

The apparel-maker will make an investment of Rs 100-crore to take 'The Raymond Shop' into India's smaller class IV as well as V cities as part of a massive expansion programme.

As per official sources, funding for the project would be divided equally between the company and franchisors/franchisees.

Hairstyle trends going back to the future

Hairstyle trends going back to the futureCologne  - Looks from past decades are providing the inspiration for hairstyle trends in the coming season.

With their elegant styles the '20s and '50s are serving as a model for women's hairstyles this autumn and winter, but lush bangs and luxurious textures reminiscent of the '80s are enjoying a comeback as well, according to the central association of German hairstyle craft in Cologne.

Men may do their hair more casually to follow the trends in the coming seasons. Robert Pattinson from the film Twilight, for example, best represents the slightly rakish just-out-of-bed style.

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