AIIMS Doctors’ Strike Continues

All India Institute of Medical SciencesThe resident doctors’ strike at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will go on, said the general body conference of the physicians on yesterday evening. According to the decision taken at a general body conference of the physicians, about 700 medical doctors would not offer OPD and ward services.

The doctors have not been issued their (medical) degrees for the last two years as Health Minister Ramodass has not signed them.

Mr. Ramodass states he believes the degrees illegitimate, as they have been signed up by the acting registrar who he believes has no authorization to do so.

He also said that as per the conditions degrees are to be presented only during convocation.

“The administration has not made any move to hold Convocation for the past 2 years. In the AIIMS act the degrees should be given during Convocation. 'We have asked the Director to immediately convene convocation within a month's time,” Dr Ramodass said.

But the medical institute (AIIMS) says in the past degrees have been presented without convocation. And the concern of the registrar is legal.

Dr. Binod Khaitan, President, AIIMS Faculty said, “In March 2007, the honorable court in its interim order has said that the recruitment rule for the registrar has to be first formulated by the governing body of AIIMS and after that appointment of the registrar has to be made.”

Yesterday’s outcomes put a clear sign that this was however another challenge between Ramadoss and the AIIMs but now as the physicians continue the strike it looks that this has turn out to be a political game for only a few of these troubled students.