Sons of Fatty Moms have Less Fertile Sperm Cells - Study

PregnancyA recent study has revealed that sons born to fatty women can be less productive and may have poorer quality sperm cells. Obesity is believed to have an effect on a woman’s possibilities of pregnancy, and the latest study is the initial to discover a relation between overweight and the fertility of the next generation.

A team of researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark tracked the health of over 300 women and their sons. Even though most of the women were of average weight when they got pregnant, 25 had body mass indexes grouped as weighty.

The online version of ‘Daily Mail’ reported that the examinations indicated their sons tended to have slightly lower sperm concentrations, plus less mobile sperms.

The researchers stated it was possible that advanced intensities of the hormone estrogen, linked with being obese, might hurt the growth of male foetus reproductive organs.

But, the dissimilarities were so small that the investigators could not be sure they were not due to chance. They said further studies should be followed out.

Obesity is also known to pose a key risk for chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke and certain forms of cancer.

In the meantime, an Australian researcher says that she has discovered technological proof that obesity is a key factor in childlessness as a consequence of how it impacts a woman’s eggs.

It has for a short time been suspected that obesity may be a main factor in why couples’ fail to conceive, but until now the consequences of obesity on the egg were a mere suspicion.

The conclusions by Cadence Minge at the University’s Research Centre for Reproductive Health the University of Adelaide were made in a analysis using female mice.