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Defendants of The Pirate Bay file-sharing case go on trial

Internet piracyIn a case pertaining to copyright theft, four men working at The Pirate Bay file-sharing Web site go on trial in Stockholm. All four of them - Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom, and Fredrik Neij - were supposedly accomplices in breaking copyright law.

If convicted, the four men face a fine of $143,500, and a two-year prison term.

Incongruity about the real value of Facebook’s stock

FacebookThe real value of Facebook's stock appears to have become a contentious issue - while a $240 million investment by Microsoft for a 1.6 percent stake in the company in 2007, puts Facebook's value at $15 billion, the company claims its own evaluation to be $3.7 billion.

In June last year, Facebook's self appraisal pegged the price of its privately held stock at $8.88 per share; while the Microsoft investment put the related figures at $35.90 per share.

The incongruity with regard to Facebook's actual worth has come to light because of the revelations pertaining to the Palo Alto-based company's $65 million lawsuit settlement with ConnectU.

Social Networks can lend a helping hand in developing business

Social networking logoIt is quite well accepted fact that social-networking traffic is increasing with every passing day. Monday had lot of things for Technology writers to talk about as Compete. com came out with latest numbers for the month of January.

The results were astonishing as for the first time in a survey; Facebook was in the lead, with nearly 68 million unique visitors, well ahead of the News Corp.-owned MySpace's 58 million in U. S. traffic.

Garmin and Asus team up to manufacture co-branded smartphones!

Garmin and Asus team up to manufacture co-branded smartphones! The GPS device-maker Garmin and the PC components-maker Asus have teamed up to manufacture co-branded smartphones; and they intend bringing the so-manufactured devices at "attractive" prices to the US market!

Microsoft’s IE losing market share; Chrome and Firefox gain

Microsoft’s IE losing market share; Chrome and Firefox gainLatest data put forward by Net Applications on Monday, suggests that
last month saw market share of Internet Explorer fall down as Mozilla's
Firefox, Google's Chrome, and Apple's Safari experienced small gains.

The data also said that the top spot was held by Microsoft's IE, with
“67.55 percent of the browser market, though that was down .06 percent
from last month and down 7.92 percent from the same time last year.”

The number two spot was held by Firefox with 21.53 percent market share

Industry's First 2 TeraByte Hard Drives launched by Western Digital

Industry's First 2 TeraByte Hard Drives launched by Western DigitalThe maiden 2 terabyte (TB) hard drive was today announced by WD. As per industry experts, this hard drive is the world's highest capacity drive and the newest member of WD's well-liked, environmentally friendly, cool and quiet, WD CAviar Green hard drive family.

It should be noted here that the latest 3.5-inch platform is based on WD's industry-leading 500 GB/platter technology (with 400 Gb/in2 areal density) with 32 MB cache, producing drives with capacities of up to 2 TB.