Facebook is ‘dead and buried’ as teenagers are adopting other social networks: study

Facebook is ‘dead and buried’ as teenagers are adopting other social networks: studyTeenagers are no longer interested in social networking platform Facebook and they are switching to simpler social networks like Tweeter, Snapchat and Whatsapp, according to a fresh study.

Prof. Daniel Miller of University College London said 16-18 year olds are not only switching on to rival networks but also they feel embarrassed to be associated with Facebook.

Prof. Miller, an anthropologist who worked on the EU-funded Global Social Media Impact Study, also said that teenagers started switching to simpler networks while their parents continued to use the service. He added that the most influential moment in a young person's decision to ditch Facebook was definitely that dreaded day when the person's mother sends him/her a friend request.

The recently-published report said, "Young people are turning away in their droves and adopting other social networks instead, while the worst people of all, their parents, continue to use the service."

The reports underlined that young people now see the networking-giant as "uncool" and keep their Facebook profiles live just to stay in contact with older relations.

Snapchat, which reportedly recently rejected a $3.2 billion acquisition offer from Facebook, is being used to send and receive as many as 350 million images per day. However, the social networking space continues to be under the dominance on Facebook, which has nearly 1.2 billion users worldwide.