Cyber security - a matter of concern for top companies

Cyber security - a matter of concern for top companiesOne of the biggest names in Cyber security, Symantec Corp recently conducted a survey and the results were quite hair-raising. It costs roughly an average of $2 million each year to companies as far as the theft of trade secrets and customer information is concerned.

The survey was conducted across 2100 IT executives worldwide. A shocking 75 % of them reported cyber attacks last year. Mostly the intruders had cracked into the systems for the theft of company's intellectual property, such as product strategies and designs.

For some companies, this is a very serious matter as the theft might lead the company to even go out of business as the intellectual property is everything for them.

Symantec Corp. based in Mountain View, California, on Monday said that preserving corporate data has become more challenging than ever as hackers worldwide have become more efficient and sharp. The recent attacks aimed at Google Inc. whose origin is traced down to China has seen a series of online attacks that are highly sophisticated.

Symantec is the no. 1 company specializing in the cyber security business. Symantec's shares rose by about 32% last year and rose about 5 cents to $17.17 on Monday.