Clock made on the concept of Transformers

Michael BayBased on the 2007 release of Michael Bay, Transformers (which supposedly is based on the original Transformers toy line) a Japanese watch vendor, Seahope has come up with a clock that is made on the concept of the toy line.

This toy that resembles very much to a fighting machine, has sought Takara Tomy's(one who makes all the Transformers merchandise) permission and is more akin to a Tokyo Flash watch stuck in the middle of some flailing metal limbs and has only function to display time.

The Transformers which has apparently gained much popularity after the movie's release is based on alien robots who land on the surface of the earth and happen to meet the human race.

And it follows the same saga of heroes (good robots aka Autobots) fighting the villains (Decepticons aka bad robots).

Meanwhile it aims to be a hit just like the movie.