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ESPN-STAR Sports switches off signals on Hathway in parts of city

ESPN-STAR-sportsESPN STAR Sports has switched off signals of its channels on cable network operator Hathway Cable and Datacom in parts of Mumbai and Bangalore, owing to non-payment of dues.

For the rest of the country, ESPN STAR Sports channels would go off-air from December 1 on Hathway’s cable network.

“We have been left with no alternative but to resort to this [switching off signals] as Hathway owes us more than

Rs 16.5 crore and have been showing no signs of paying,” said Makarand Palekar, associate vice-president (Affiliate Sales) ESPN Software India.

Group of Ministers to evaluate 3G spectrum vacation

Group of Ministers to evaluate 3G spectrum vacationNew Delhi, Nov 19 : An Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) will meet today to evaluate the development on the auction of 3G mobile licenses, and differences that have arisen between the Telecom and the Defence ministries over the release of spectrum for viable use.

The government plans to begin the auction of 3G (third generation) spectrum from January 14 next year, but the process could be delayed due to a lack of clarity on the number of slots to be sold.

Google teams up with Best Buy Mobile to co-market Google Mobile App

Google teams up with Best Buy Mobile to co-market Google Mobile AppA recently-announced retail partnership between Google and Best Buy Mobile will facilitate the distribution of the Google Mobile App on smartphones sold in-store at Best Buy’s mobile specialty retail division.

The ‘Google-Best Buy Mobile’ team-up will make US’ leading electronics retailer the first company to co-market the Google Mobile App - an app that enables users to search Google from their mobile phones - to prospective consumers.

Of Alexander, technology, design and Infosys

Of Alexander, technology, design and Infosysultural differences between India and the West can be traced to an encounter on the banks of Indus way back in 326 B. C., says Devdutt Pattanaik.

Alexander the Great and a sage debated for long which of them was doing more for humanity but failed to see each other’s point of view.

As the Chief Belief Officer with the Future Group chain that owns Big Bazaar, Pattanaik interprets the business world through the lens of mythology, and that’s his job. He believes mythology shapes thinking and in turn practices.

At nuclear plant site, another village says no

The second round of the land acquisition process for the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power plant has also met with dissent.

On October 31, residents of Karel village in Ratnagiri district, about 450 km from Mumbai, refused to accept acquisition notices for about 70 hectares to set up colonies for the staff employed at the plant site.

The notification summoned around 165 villagers to collect their compensation cheques on November 10.

“I did receive information that some villagers did not accept the acquisition notices. However, we are yet to decide the next course of action,” said Makarand Deshmukh, special land acquisition officer.

IAEA experts end Iran inspection, arrive in Vienna

IAEA experts end Iran inspection, arrive in Vienna Vienna - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors arrived in Vienna from Tehran Thursday, an agency spokesman confirmed, after visiting a new nuclear site that was disclosed too late under IAEA rules.

The quartet of experts spent four days at the new uranium enrichment plant near Fordu, 100 kilometres south of Tehran, as well as in the capital itself, to verify that the installation is not being built for military purposes.

World’s most expensive science experiment set to restart

Large Hadron ColliderThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, that will recreate conditions that existed in the beginning of the universe, is ready.

The 27 km tunnel in which the high energy particle accelerator is located is now finally shut, indicating that the world’s most expensive science experiment is set to restart.

Atul Gurtu, a physicist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), which has been involved with the LHC at various stages, has just returned from the LHC site.

“The first low energy beam is likely to be injected into the particle accelerator in mid-November,” Gurtu said.

Assam girl develops gadget to make mobile charger redundant

mobile chargerA schoolgirl in Guwahati has developed a gadget that could make mobile phone battery chargers history.

Asmita Rekha Bora, a Class XI science student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Khanapara in Guwahati has come out with an auto-charger. This device absorbs the radiation emitted by a handset, converts it into heat and relays it as electrical energy back to the battery inside.

The 16-year-old’s theoretical concept – backed by a somewhat crude model – won her the second prize at the 37th Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition held in Chennai on October 13-14. The exhibition is KV Sangathan’s annual scientific do.

Thousands of Hotmail passwords reported hacked

Thousands of Hotmail passwords reported hacked San Francisco  - The passwords to more than 10,000 Hotmail accounts were hacked and posted on an online forum used by software developers, according to a report Monday on the website neowin. net.

Microsoft said it was investigating the report. "We're actively investigating the situation and will take appropriate steps as rapidly as possible," a spokesman said.

Xerox to buy Affiliated Computer in 6.4-billion-dollar deal

Xerox to buy Affiliated Computer in 6.4-billion-dollar deal San Francisco  - Xerox is to buy technology outsourcing firm Affiliated Computer Services for 6.4 billion dollars in a bid to offer business customers a wide range of computer services as well as its traditional printing and copying equipment.

IIT, IIM faculty declines fresh pay scale proposals

IITs-IIMsThe revised pay scale notification by Human Resource Development Ministry failed to please the faculty of IITs and IIMs, the country's top institutes of higher education.

The IIT faculty is meeting on Monday, while professors of IIMs also proposed to meet this week to decide next course of action. The faculty from National Institutes of Technology (NIT) is also likely to follow the suit.

IBM''s satnav solution for constant radio retuning

IBM''s satnav solution for constant radio retuningLondon, Sep 21 : Hate retuning your car radios again and again after losing your favourite channel during long journeys? Well, IBM''s new software that connects the radio with the vehicle''s satnav could be your ultimate saviour.

In a recent patent application, IBM has claimed that merging car radios with satellite navigation systems could solve the above problem, and it could have safety benefits, too.

Since their introduction in the 1920s, car radios have been blamed for causing accidents as they distract drivers who retune them while on the move.

Samsung to launch Wi-Fi enabled versions of Samsung Star

Samsung Electronics CoSamsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is about to launch new variants of its immensely popular touch screen mobile phone, Samsung Star.

The new models, Samsung Star S5230W and S5233W, will have an edge over the previous Star version, S5230, as these will be Wi-Fi enabled handsets. Both the models will come equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g in addition to all the existing features of the Samsung Star S5230.

Consumer electronics show begins in Berlin

Consumer electronics show begins in Berlin Berlin  - Dominated by flat-panel televisions in every variation, the IFA consumer electronics trade fair was set to begin Friday in Berlin, offering hundreds of thousands of European fans a look at the world's newest audio and video gadgets.

Chancellor Angela Merkel ceremonially opened IFA at a Thursday evening reception at the city fairgrounds, where an industry leader told her the booming sector was all but recession-proof.

"Our sector is defying the crisis," said Rainer Hecker, head of the GFU German consumer electronics trade association that runs the event.

YouTube in Hollywood talks on movie rentals

YouTube in Hollywood talks on movie rentals Los Angeles  - YouTube is in advanced talks with major Hollywood studios about adding a movie rental service, in a move that could boost online movie rentals and finally allow Google to make a profit from the hugely popular video site, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The report said that YouTube executives are talking to representatives of Lions Gate Entertainment, Sony Corp, MGM and Warner Bros about charging for new movies on the site.

TCS sees up to $30-100 million revenue from BP deal

TCS (TCS), India's largest outsourcing firm, on Friday announced that it sees up to $30 - $100 million revenue on yearly basis over the next 3-5 years from its lately gained deal with BP, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies.

Discussing the potential of the deal, Mr. Ramadorai, TCS Chief Executive stated that it could be anywhere about $30-100 million in the next 3-5 years.

Mr. Ramadorai also added that he expects it will begin by the third quarter, in a small way but more significantly by next year.

Finns dominate world championship for mobile phone throwers

Finns dominate world championship for mobile phone throwers Helsinki  - Finnish nationals dominated the 10th Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships held Saturday near the Finnish town of Savonlinna.

Pauli Kosunen's 79.60-metre throw gave him the victory in the men's category, but was no threat to Mikko Lampi's world record of 94.97 metres set in 2005.

Suvi Torikka won the women's event with a 37.05 metre throw, while 12-year-old Verneri Aleksejev won the junior class hurling the handset 43.77 metres.

Blackberry maker tops Fastest Growing Firms list

Blackberry maker tops Fastest Growing Firms listLondon, August 19 : Research in Motion (RIM), the developer of the hit Blackberry smartphone, has been named the world''s fastest-growing company, suggests business magazine Fortune.

The Canadian wireless device company topped the magazine''s latest annual guide to the 100 fastest-growing businesses, beating US chipmaker Sigma Designs to the second place.

Chinese internet business Sohu. com came in third, followed by Ebix, European forum for energy Business Information exchange, and then DG Fast Channel, reports the BBC.

Computer game aims to solve world’s energy problems

Computer game aims to solve world’s energy problemsWashington, August 18 : In a rare "thought experiment," scientists will try to find a solution to the world's energy problems with the help of a computer game.

The "thought experiment" will be held at the American Chemical Society's (ACS) 238th National Meeting, which is intended to focus the creative genius of hundreds of scientists on solutions to one of the 21st Century's most daunting problems: Finding sustainable new sources of energy.

Your cellphone can tell who your friends are

Your cellphone can tell who your friends areLondon, Aug 18 : The cellphone in your pocket can reveal who are your real friends, and how you interact with them, according to a five-year-long study.

The study has opened new possibilities for social scientists, epidemiologists, and other researchers to understand how people connect and interact socially.

Nathan Eagle of the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico and his colleagues Sandy Pentland of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and David Lazer of Northeastern University in Boston handed out cellphones to 94 volunteers at MIT.

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