Apple’s Ad Blocking is likely to be a nightmare for Publishers

pple Inc.'s initiative to make it easier to block ads on iPhones and iPads has troubled publishers and heightened tensions with its Silicon Valley neighbors. With the upcoming version of Apple's mobile-operating system, users will be able to install apps that prevent ads from showing up in its Safari browser. The version is going to be out next month.

Apple's move of putting such 'ad blockers' within reach of a huge number of iPhone and iPad users has threatened to disrupt the $70 billion yearly mobile-marketing business. There are many publishers and tech firms that look up to generate far more revenue from an increasing mobile audience. As a result if less number of users will see ads than publishers etc. will get to collect very less revenue.

Apple's move has also come up as a competitive weapon against its rival Google Inc. Google Inc makes more money from Internet advertising as compared to any other company across the world.

It is expected that availability of ad blockers on iOS will prompt more consumers to use the technology. The advantages of blocking ads perhaps are much more on smartphones as compared to personal computers. This is because blockers can decrease the mess on small screens, helping pages load faster.

The chief executive of PageFair, Sean Blanchfield said, "Apple is going to create a massive consumer appetite for blocking ads". PageFair is a company helping publishers combat ad blocking.