Yahoo’s reorganization on the cards

YahooIf adhered to the reports which have come to light recently, this week could see arrival of Yahoo's long-expected reorganization under new chief executive Carol Bartz.

The reports put forward by a well known newspaper which cited sources within the company claim that revamp will probably start Wednesday, though it's likely to be rolled out in stages.

A new significant marketing officer position is expected to be created by the reorganization. It will also persuade all senior executives to report directly to Bartz.

Furthermore, many sources report, "Bartz may abandon a recent restructuring that split the world into four operating regions. Instead, one executive is expected to head US operations and a second head up all international efforts."

Last week, a memo was sent by Bartz to employees, which told them to get well-rested, because next week will be quite interesting, suggesting many changes are likely to be company-wide.

No comments could be gathered from the Yahoo officials to TopNews email.

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