US Energy Department issues energy funding

HP-logoThe United States Department of Energy, in its efforts to expedite energy saving measures in corporations, has announced a $115 million grant for companies including Yahoo! Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company and I. B. M. T. J. Watson Research Center.

The total funding of more than $115 million for energy efficiency would be funded by the department and private industry for $47 million and $70 million respectively. Energy secretary- Steven Chu said, "The expected growth of these industries means that new technologies adopted today will yield benefits for many years to come."

Yahoo improves its search engine

Yahoo improves its search engineMunich, Nov 29 - Searches on the Yahoo engine should soon deliver more results, thanks in part to new filter functions, reports the company.

Those new filters could allow a searcher, for example, to limit results to those found on major websites like Amazon or Wikipedia. The company also reports that its filter allows searches by related terms.

The engine's search methods have also been upgraded, reports Yahoo. It now analyses the search habit of users over a certain period of time to come up with logical connections between past and present searches.

Yahoo launches updated iPhone app with voice-enabled search

Yahoo launches updated iPhone app with voice-enabled search In connection with its launch of the Mobile iPhone application, Yahoo has announced a new feature of its oneSearch platform, namely, - the voice-enabled search on cell phones.

The updated Yahoo iPhone app with voice-recognition search capabilities is akin in function to the Google iPhone app. With a mere press of a button, the service allows users to make verbal requests for information on almost everything - including flight numbers, local restaurants and Web sites.

Yahoo to axe 5 per cent of workforce

Yahoo to axe 5 per cent of workforceSan Francisco  - Internet portal Yahoo said Tuesday that it planned to cut 5 per cent of its workforce as the company struggles with the economic downturn and the dominance of Google in internet search.

Yahoo announced the job cuts as it reported quarterly income of 118 million dollars, down 78 per cent from a year ago but still above analysts' expectations. Sales for the Silicon Valley company fell 13 per cent to 1.6 billion dollars.

The company said the job cuts will affect between 600 and 700 workers, about the same number that were axed last year in an earlier bid to shore up profits.

Ballmer hints of Microsoft-Yahoo pact against Google

Steve BallmerSan Francisco  - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday that he still wanted to form an alliance with Yahoo to combat the dominance of Google in search advertising.

But in his annual forecast to financial analysts of Microsoft's plans for the year, he ruled out any revival of last year's aborted deal to purchase Yahoo.

Ballmer also predicted that Microsoft would face more competition from Google and Apple in the market for computer software. He said that Google's Android operating systems for mobile phones would be converted for use in laptops.

Yahoo’s reorganization on the cards

YahooIf adhered to the reports which have come to light recently, this week could see arrival of Yahoo's long-expected reorganization under new chief executive Carol Bartz.

The reports put forward by a well known newspaper which cited sources within the company claim that revamp will probably start Wednesday, though it's likely to be rolled out in stages.

A new significant marketing officer position is expected to be created by the reorganization. It will also persuade all senior executives to report directly to Bartz.

Yahoo Search Service adds Variety of Commercial Models

Yahoo Search Service adds Variety of Commercial ModelsYahoo! announced to add variety of commercial models in its BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service) service, from recently announced free-based models to revenue sharing through advertising and co-branding of sites.

David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo, in sidelines of Yahoo's Open Hack Day in Bangalore, said, "We will look at a variety of options."

Yahoo to close Briefcase service from March 30

Yahoo to close Briefcase service from March 30Internet services major Yahoo Inc. has decided to close its Briefcase online storage service, having Web 1.0 capacity of 30MB, from March 30. The move is aimed to reduce costs by closing some operations in the midst of global financial crisis and tight liquidity conditions prevailing in the world.

The development came after the appointment of Carol Bartz as it Chief Executive, who is doing her best to control tough situation caused due to slump in online advertisement, a major source of revenue of Yahoo!

Yahoo reports loss but beats expectations

Yahoo reports loss but beats expectationsSan Francisco - Troubled internet pioneer Yahoo swung to a quarterly loss Tuesday because of severance pay and write downs on its European properties.

Despite recording a 303-million-dollar loss in the fourth quarter, the company's results beat expectations as its revenues and operating profit held up well in the dire economic climate.

Yahoo's new mantra: Freeze pay hikes in '09

Yahoo's new mantra: Freeze pay hikes in '09In a bid to cut costs and ensure adequate growth rate, internet giant, Yahoo Inc. has decided to freeze salary hikes of its employees for the financial year 2009.

The company, visibly upset over low revenue and falling profit, would also employ some other cost cutting measures to keep costs in line with revenues and to mitigate the impact of global slowdown on its business.

Report: Yahoo to name Bartz new CEO

Report: Yahoo to name Bartz new CEOSan Francisco  - Yahoo is to name Carol Bartz, the former chief executive of software company Autodesk, as its new CEO, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The report comes after a two-month search for a replacement for company founder Jerry Yang, who was widely blamed for botching merger talks with Microsoft that would have proved highly lucrative to many shareholders.

Data Retention Cut By Yahoo To Three Months

Data Retention Cut By Yahoo To Three MonthsOn Wednesday, search engine Yahoo! Inc informed that it will cut to three months the time it stores personal data gathered from web surfing, making its retention policy the shortest among peers.

The computer addresses of the users would be anonymized by the company within three months in most cases, from a prior standard of 13 months. There is a chance that fraud or system security is involved, so the company is reserving the right to keep data for up to six months.

Mobile Search Deal announced by Yahoo, T-Mobile

Mobile Search Deal announced by Yahoo, T-Mobile Yahoo, which is constantly making efforts to control the mobile search market, is being responded by positive responses. A recent announcement made by T-Mobile reveals that they have selected Yahoo to power its latest web2go portal. The new portal will have T-Mobile subscribers who use the Internet, use the Yahoo-powered service by default. 

With Yang out, Microsoft may come back

Jerry YangWith Yang out, Microsoft may come back

On Monday many sources reveled that the resignation of Jerry Yang as chief executive of Yahoo might invite another offer from Microsoft.

Eric Jackson, an activist Yahoo shareholder who was among the investors angry with Yahoo's management for not accepting Microsoft's previous bid, reported, "I would expect Microsoft to come back within the next three or four months. I think Microsoft will come back because Microsoft needs Yahoo, despite what they've been saying publicly, and I think they know that."

Jerry Yang to step down as Yahoo CEO

Jerry Yang to step down as Yahoo CEOLondon, Nov 18: Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo, will step down from his role after the company finds a replacement, the Internet company has announced.

Yang’s departure follows long criticism of his company’s stewardship, which has seen its share price collapse to about 10 dollars.

Early this year, the man fought off a hostile takeover bid from Microsoft which offered 33 dollars a share.

Yang told the workforce that he would be participating in the search for his successor.

Yahoo shares plunge after another Microsoft rejection

Yahoo shares plunge after another Microsoft rejection San Francisco - Shares of ailing internet pioneer Yahoo plunged more than 10 per cent Friday after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reiterated that his company was not interested in reviving its takeover bid.

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang this week urged Microsoft to buy the company, just a day after Google said it was dropping plans for an advertising alliance with Yahoo, which would have boosted Yahoo's income by up to 400 million dollars per year.

Yahoo, Google revising advertising deal

Yahoo, Google revising advertising deal San Francisco - Yahoo and Google are substantially narrowing their proposed advertising agreement to meet the antitrust concerns of the US Justice Department, according to reports Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

The new proposal shortens the term of the deal from 10 years to two years, and places a limit on the revenue that Yahoo can generate from Google to 25 per cent of Yahoo's search revenue, the reports said.

Under the deal, Google would place ads next to some Web search results on Yahoo and split the revenue with the ailing web giant.

Yahoo, Google scale back scope of their ad deal

Google & YahooIn a last-ditch effort to win US antitrust approval, Yahoo Inc and Google Inc have drastically scaled back the scope of their search advertising deal, calls for Google to place ads next to some Web search results on Yahoo, lifting Yahoo's revenue.

The companies had said in June that the search ad deal was expected to boost Yahoo's cash flow by up to $450 million in the first year.

Google and Yahoo said to be dropping deal

Google and Yahoo said to be dropping deal San Francisco - Google and Yahoo are set to drop their proposed ad alliance possibly as early as next week because of antitrust objections by the Justice Department, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The report came a day after officials from the two companies met with regulators and appeared to be unwilling to make the compromises needed to satisfy Justice Department concerns that their combined power would overwhelm the online advertising market.

The deal was announced in June and proposed that Google start selling its search ads throughout Yahoo's US properties.

Yahoo! Invites developers to access tools and data

Yahoo!Recently, the developers were invited by Web portal major Yahoo Inc. to access in their tools and data and thus construct social network applications.

During the month of April, the Sunnyvale Company had committed to open some parts of its code for developers to contribute applications for their platform.

Jay Rossiter, Senior Vice President at Yahoo, wrote in a company blog entry, "The business hopes you'll enjoy some incredibly unique and creative new experiences that we would never have thought of."

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