Walden West Science Camp Employee arrested for Child Pornography

On Thursday, officials arrested an employee of the Walden West science camp over child pornography. According to the officials, sheriff's deputies arrested the man after finding a number of pictures and videos of child pornography on the person’s computer.

While confirming the arrest, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office stated that the 27-year-old Edgar Covarrubias had many images and videos in his phone and personal computer. As per reports, officials of Homeland Security secretly warned the sheriff's Sexual Assault Felony Task Force about the man. Covarrubias’ name appeared as a part of an investigation into persons trading child pornography online.

The Sheriff's Office stated that the man was arrested on the charges of possession of child pornography. The man has been booked into Santa Clara County Jail, as per the Sheriff’s office.

Covarrubias is a worker at Walden West science camp since August 2013. After sheriff arrested Covarrubias, the man has been removed from his position. In a new release, Santa Clara County Office of Education spokesman Ken Blackstone said Covarrubias has been removed from the position of substitute recreation assistant and evening facilities monitor after the arrest.

Blackstone said the office of the man has been cooperating fully with law enforcement. According to Blackstone, when Covarrubias was hired, he was subject to a standard background screening for the service.

Jon Gundry, Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools, said, “Covarrubias had previously worked at the Foothills Tennis and Swim Club and at YMCA Camp Campbell. He also worked for the Santa Clara Unified School District 10 years ago for one summer.”

On Thursday, Gundry added that Clara County has not had any complaints about the man. Before the arrest, the man used to live on the property in a small cabin.