VR Gears to Make Headway with Google Jump

Google I/O 2015 developer conference saw the unveiling of yet another technological device as the company released Google Jump that would enable content creators to easily create media for the elaborate virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Jump would offer an immersive experience as its camera system developed by GoPro provide a way for creators to capture high-quality 3D video relatively easily as all these cameras are accurately synchronized and splice all the footage together.

Another hallmark of Jump is its ability to not only create a spherical video with the footage from multiple cameras, but it also makes this footage stereoscopic.

The Jump demo at Google I/O featured several videos that left viewers awestruck by the quality of 3D imaging. In one video, viewers watched a 360-degree video of the inside of a motorcycle repair shop. At the touch of a button, the whole video came alive. In a matter of seconds, a flat version of the video transformed into one where all the objects looked like real objects that the viewer could touch.

The demo switched from video to video and each video was designed to offer the lifelike 3D experience. In another demo video, the viewer was made to feel as if he was in the middle of a Japanese gondola gliding up a mountain. The imagery looked so real that the viewer could imagine being able to touch the people around or get their attention by waving.

The first Jump cameras will cater to the professional content creators as it will be priced at a higher rate. However, the money invested would guarantee the capture of high-quality 360-degree video with almost as much ease as sending a snap to a friend.

Raymond Wong, Mashable product analyst stated that VR headsets are very impressive in canned demos but the device gets boring pretty quickly if you run out of stuff to do. Jump serves the answer and ensures a substantial technological leap forward into VR.