Uber to launch Food Delivery Service in New York City and Chicago
Uber to launch Food Delivery Service in New York City and Chicago

Transport and ridesharing company Uber has announced that it is going to launch its food delivery service, UberEATS, in Chicago and New York City. The company provided same service in Barcelona and Los Angeles, which was successful.

According to the company headquartered in San Francisco, for the service, it partners with local restaurants that offer one menu item daily to Uber customers. The company said that it will deliver a customer's order in just 10 minutes or less. Jason Droege, who serves as Head of Uber Everything for Uber, said that the company is capable of delivering food to customer in the promised time.

Droege said, "We thought, 'What can Uber bring to this field that's special and magical? And our delivery time is pretty magical". According to reports, rather than waiting for customers to place an order, waiting for the restaurant to work on that order and then delivering the order, which could take more than 30 minutes, Uber drivers will lift batches of orders from restaurants. After that, they will wait to make delivery to the nearest customer. To keep the food hot, they will have temperature controlled bags.

According to the company, it will be very easy for customers to use the service. They can order from UberEATS like they order a ride. Droege said that the service will also be beneficial for drivers. They can earn a little extra pocket change through the service, Droege added.

While answering why Uber wants to be in this industry when there are so many competitors exist, Droege said that it is another way that the company is flexing its muscles. The company wants to show that it is not just a transportation powerhouse, but a full-scale logistics company, Droege added. According to the reports, UberEATS only offers a few menu items a day.

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