Top schools: the westside stories

Methodology: The survey was conducted in two phases by market research agency C fore (www. cfore. org) . In the first phase, a perception-based survey was conducted to zero in on a list of top 10 schools from six zones across Delhi — Central, North, Southeast, Southwest, East and West.

In all, 1,200 respondents, comprising parents and teachers and spread uniformly across the city, took part in the survey.

The respondents were asked to recall the top 10 schools in theirzone.

In the second phase, a similar survey was carried out, asking parents and teachers to rate those schools on a scale of 10 against various parameters (mentioned in the table on the left).

The parents-and-teachers ratio in both phases of the survey was 80:20.

4. Ved Vyasa DAV Public School Managed by the DAV Trust, the school offers premium education at low cost.

“Our strength is the teachers,” said Chitra Lakra, school principal, who has been with the school since its inception in 1982. Most teachers have also been with the school for as long.

“Each one of them shares a special bond with the school. I think this dedication reflects in their work,” she said.

The school imparts education differently.

“It is an amalgamation of ancient vedic values and contemporary scientific temperament,” said Lakra. It runs a special school, Aakanksha, for 150 students with special needs.

“We encourage students to be sensitive to the needs of these children and feel one with them,” said Lakra.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 3,800 students, 175 teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2008-09 scored 96.5 per cent and 95.6 per cent, respectively. Nursery cost: 21,980 annually (approximately). It includes admission fee, form fee, one-time annual fee, tuition and other fees charged quarterly (excludes transport, food). No. of nursery admits: 180 Website: www. vvdav. ac. in

5. K R Mangalam World School Located on a 4.5-acre site in Vikaspuri, the majestic and plush school building reflects the grandeur of the K. R.

Mangalam World School.

“We believe in holistic development of our students. We want them to be good global citizens,” said Laly Mathew, principal.

“Along with good education, we also hone their communication skills, sporting abilities, creativity, etc.”

The school has language labs, a wellequipped multi-dimensional library, reading room and classroom libraries.

“The school is very new and still growing. It will take time for the before the school can boast of great academic results,” said Mamta Sharma, who sends both her children to KR Mangalam World School.

It was established in 2005.

“Only, the fees is a little steep but then they also have great facilities,” said Sharma.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 1,650 students, 118 full-time teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2008-09 scored 95.4 per cent and 81 per cent, respectively.
(This is the first batch of KR Mangalam School). Nursery cost: Rs. 45,000 annually (approximately). It includes admission fee, form fee, one time annual fee, tuition and other fees charged quarterly. No. of nursery admits: 150 Website: www. vikaspuri. krmangalam. com

6. Mira Model School, Janakpuri It is truly a neighbourhood school, said Sadhana Bhalla, the school principal.

“Our children come from within a radius of five kilometre.”

The school gets at least five students every year who are the first in their families to have ever walked into a school.

“We believe in equal opportunity for all. Hence good academic results have always been a big challenge, as a lot of school children get very little help from home,” said Bhalla.

The school has an open house with parents every Saturday. It gives them an opportunity to interact with the teachers.

The school, which does not have exams for classes I to V, is big on rock climbing. “We are the first school to host rock climbing competitions. We send students for national-level competitions,” said Bhalla.

The school won the Chief Minister’s award for rainwater harvesting.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 2,258 students, 90 full-time teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2008-09 scored 91.60 per cent and 92.4 per cent, respectively Admission cost: Rs. 21,600 annually (approximately). It includes admission fee, form fee, one-time annual fee, and other fee charged quarterly (excludes transport, food). No nursery. Admissions from Class I Website: www. miramodelschooldelhi. org

7. ST Mark's, Meera Bagh Strive today and thrive tomorrow.

Since its inception in 1990, the students of the St. Mark’s Sr.

Secondary Public School in Meera Bagh has lived by this maxim and the school takes every care to instill self-discipline instudents.

Sprawled across four-and-half acre of land, the school fulfills all requirements of a progressive institution — well equipped laboratories, a wellstocked library, computers, audio-visual facilities and a huge play field for cricket, football and basketball.

It also conducts activities like camping and educational excursions.

There is a math laboratory equipped with audio-visual facilities.

There are also resource rooms for English, Hindi, Sanskrit and psychology.

Despite having been around for less than 20 years, the school has many achievers in sports and games like athletics, judo, karate, skating, football and basketball.

Activities are held in association with NGOs working in the fields of dyslexia and child labour to develop a sense of social responsibility among children.

AT A GLANCE Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2007-08 scored 95.4 % and 93.6 % (commerce), respectively Website: www. saintmarksschool. com/meerabagh

8. New Era, Mayapuri The New Era School started from a tiny private residence in Rajouri Garden in 1960. Today, it has impressive facilities for students.

“Giving every child personal attention and care is what makes our school stand out,” said principal Vandana Chawla. “We go beyond the academic aspects and ensure the emotional and psychological nurturing of each child.”

The school identifies children who require special attention and hold free remedial classes for them after schoolhours.

The school has an air-conditioned 600-seater auditorium and a multipurpose hall for workshops. The library has more than 20,000 books.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 2,900 students, 150 teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 in 2008-09 scored 94 per cent and 95 per cent, respectively Admission cost: Rs. 40,300 annually, including Rs 500 security deposit (refundable) and Rs 200 one-time admission fee. Admissions from Class 1. There is no nursery. Website: www. neps. co. in

9. Hans Raj Model School A swimming pool, skating rink, tabletennis and gymnastics halls, lawn tennis courts, bicycle tracks and a fulllength cricket pitch.

Hans Raj Model School, spread over 8.5 acres, has it all.

With 52 international and six national level players playing 16 different sports, the school, set up in 1966, has always been good in sports.

“We have some of the best facilities for students interested in sports,” said principal Ritu Rajen Kumar. “But we also ensure academic rigour”.

Among the school’s alumni is Sanjay Thapar, the first Indian to hoist the tricolour on North Pole.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 6,000 students, 300 teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2008-09 scored 97.2 per cent and 95.4 per cent, respectively. Nursery cost: Rs 20,500 (annually). It includes admission fees and security deposit for kindergarten for one year No. of nursery admits: 100 Website: www. hansrajmodelschool. org

10. Guru Nanak Public School It is the first Sikh institution in India to win the British Council’s International School Awards.

“Since we are a minority institution, we have an atmosphere where students learn the traditions and values of Sikhism right from nursery,” said principal Reema Punj. “We ensure that the bonding between the students and the teachers is very strong. It is something that the students cherish long after they have passed out.”

With competent teachers, most of whom have been teaching in the school for almost 20 years, the school makes sure that it compromises in no way on academic rigour.

“To make lessons fun and interactive, we rely heavily on powerpoint presentations, music, videos and classroom activities,” said Punj. “Unlike some schools, we allow students tomake full use of the computer and science labs.”

There is a lot of freedom for creativity and experimentation, said Punj. One thing the school lags behind in is sports infrastructure.

AT A GLANCE Numbers: 1,900 students, 80 teachers Board: CBSE Academic rigour: Toppers of Class 10 and 12 for 2008-09 scored 90 per cent and 91 per cent, respectively. Nursery cost: Rs 2,200 (annually). It includes Rs 200 for one-time admission and annual fee. No. of nursery admits: 300 Website: www. gnpspunjabibagh. com