Texans are paying more for car insurance

According to a new report, Texans are paying more for car insurance as compared to drivers in other parts of the country. Rates have been analyzed by InsuranceQuotes.com and it was found that Texas has the 10th highest rates in the country with drivers paying about 6% more for the same policy.

Rates in more densely populated counties are normally higher as more people mean more probability for crashes and higher crime rate. According to website’s senior analyst, there is another issue that affects Texas that is uninsured drivers.

Texas Department of Insurance shows that about 1 in 7 Texas drivers, does not have insurance. Some in the country live unlawfully and get difficulty to get insurance without a license. The remaining Texas drivers pretty much subsidize those people.

“Uninsured drivers really do pose a risk and can actually cause rates to increase. So having more coverage on the road will help all consumers and all drivers to help keep rates as low as possible and also get good benefits”, said Laura Adams, InsuranceQuotes.com.

There is a possibility that one proposal might help. According to experts, in the Texas House, a bill would make limited-use driver’s permits for people living in the state unlawfully. Supporters such as the Texas Association of Business said that they are going to help number of people actually get access to insurance. At present, the bill is pending in a committee.

Texas residents pay on average 4.4% more for their insurance than an average American. In Michigan, drivers pay 135.9% above average. Auto insurance premiums at the national, state and county level have been looked by the experts.