Tesla to shift Giga Shanghai engineers to Fremont factory to boost production

Tesla to shift Giga Shanghai engineers to Fremont factory to boost production

Tesla China, the Chinese arm of American electric vehicle giant Tesla Motors, will reportedly send nearly 200 engineers and production staff from Giga Shanghai to the company’s Fremont, California-based plant to help the comparatively new site boost production.

As per emerging media reports, the first batch of the engineers and production staff from Tesla Shanghai will reach Fremont as early as this month, and will stay for a period as long as three months.

Following recent upgrades and improvements at the Shanghai plant, Tesla China has successfully decreased delivery times from 22 weeks at the beginning of this year to merely 1-4 weeks in the past quarter. However, if a potential buyer places an order for a Model Y electric crossover in the U.S., he/she will have to wait for more than half a year to take delivery of the vehicle.

During the July through September quarter (Q3), the Texas-headquartered EV giant delivered a total of 343,830 vehicles worldwide. The figure represents a jump of 35 per cent over April through June quarter (Q2) when it delivered 254,695 vehicles. Most of the improvements were made possible by increase in production at the company’s Chinese manufacturing plant. In addition to upgrading and improving the Chinese manufacturing site, the company also focused resolving supply chain issues.

However, there are some issues that can’t be solved by the electric car pioneer all alone. Tesla Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk admitted a few weeks ago that the company was in the clutches of some stubborn issues, such as issues related to transport and logistics. Lack of transport and logistics services simply means that the manufacturer is not getting carrier vehicles to move its brand-new cars around.

Unless the electric car pioneer manages to accelerate the pace of deliveries of its cars in the U.S., it may miss its goal of selling 50 per cent more EVs this year than it did in 2021. That means the company would have to sell 1.4 million EVs by the end of 2022 to achieve its self-imposed goal. At the beginning of October this year, Nikkei Asia had reported that the manufacturer had sold slightly more than 908,000 vehicles, which suggested that it could miss its goal for the year.

Thus, it will now be quite interesting to see if engineers and production staff from Tesla Shanghai can help boost production at the Fremont plant enable the company to achieve its self-imposed goal.

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