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Deadlines of Firefox 3.6 and 4.0 Extended by Mozilla

Deadlines of Firefox 3.6 and 4.0 Extended by Mozilla It seems that Mozilla would not be able to keep its 2009 deadline for a Firefox 3.6 release, and is also giving itself more time to come out with a major update, the version 4.0.

Mozilla, the firm behind the open-source web browser, which is also the most popular currently, had shared that it would release a Firefox 3.6 version in December 2009, but now, the Mozilla site now states that "ship Firefox 3.6" is a goal it expects to reach during 2010's first quarter.

Opera 10 now available online

Opera 10 now available onlineOslo  - Version 10 of the Opera web browser is now available. The biggest innovation in this latest product from the Norwegian software designers is its Turbo compression technology. It provides quicker loading of web content even for slow internet connections.

The developers have also redone the browser's interface and provided spell checking and options for enlarging and reducing the tab bar.

The newest version can be downloaded for free at Opera is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. (dpa)

New computer program studies handwriting to detect liars

Washington, Aug 29 : While experts have long been trying to use handwriting as a tool in forensic labs or their personality traits, researchers have now developed a computerized tool that can measure handwriting characteristics more effectively, making it greatly useful in lie detection.

Headed by Gil Luria and Sara Rosenblum at the University of Haifa, the researchers utilised a computerized tablet that measured the physical properties of the subject''s handwriting, which are difficult to consciously control (for example: the duration of time that the pen is on paper versus in the air, the length height and width of each writing stroke, the pressure implemented on the writing surface).

Symantec announces to release Norton 360 version 3.0 security solution in India

Norton 360The provider security, storage and systems management solutions, Symantec Corp. today announced that it will soon release Norton 360 version 3.0 security solution in India. According to the Sunnyvale, California based security firm, Symantec, Norton 360 version 3.0 is an all-in-one security solution for computers with/without internet connections.   

Popular software of Microsoft to go online to compete with Google Docs

MicrosoftOn Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. revealed its plans to soon initiate Web-based versions of some of its most popular office software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, providing users with the ability to work with documents through a Web browser or mobile phone whenever the PC is not available.

These Web-based programs, which are described as "lightweight versions"of the Microsoft Office programs that are installed on PCs, actually have been initiated to over show Google.

Now, computer software that can tell age just by looking at your face

Washington, Oct 29: Women who’re not comfortable revealing their age should stay miles away from University of Illinois-developed computer software that reveals a person’s age just like humans do—by looking at his or her face.

The software, developed at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, could analyse an image of your face to verify your identity or run a commercial according to your interest.

"Age measurement is very difficult. If you use the face to estimate age we can really get the apparent age, or how old a person looks," Discovery News quoted Thomas Huang, the lead developer, as saying.

3D software allows virtual “flyby” of ancient Roman Cologne

Berlin, Oct 22: A team of archaeologists, scientists and software programmers has created a 3D virtual model of the city of Cologne as it was 2,000 years ago, which would enable visitors to virtually fly through the city.

According to a report in Spiegel Online, the new computer program will allow the curious to see Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city, as it was almost 2,000 years ago, when it was a major northern outpost of the Roman Empire.

“Now, for the first time, people will be able to visualize what an amazing city Cologne already was in antiquity,” said Hansgerd Hellenkemper, the director of the city’s Romano-Germanic Museum.

Now, a computer software that can tell age just by looking at your face!

Washington, Sept 24 : Women who’re not comfortable revealing their age should stay miles away from University of Illinois-developed computer software that reveals a person''s age just by looking at his or her face.

But, unlike age-guessers at carnivals, who look at a person''s body, the software works by examining only the person''s face.

"Age-estimation software is useful in applications where you don''t need to specifically identify someone, such as a government employee, but would like to know their age," said Thomas S. Huang, the William L. Everitt Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the U. of I.

The computer helper: Vista startup and shutdown woes

Washington - The computer helper: Vista startup and shutdown woesYou shouldn't have to think a lot about how your computer starts up or shuts down. But that was before Windows Vista.

Microsoft's latest operating system sometimes has users scratching their heads in confusion when, for example, Vista takes five minutes to boot up or wants you to re-learn a procedure for something as simple as shutting down your operating system or putting it to sleep.

Call it the price of progress. Whatever the reason, with a little know-how you can overcome any startup/shutdown blues and get back to concentrating on productivity.

Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 8, its response to Firefox

Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 8, its response to Firefox San Francisco - Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a trial version of a new Internet Explorer designed to fight the growing challenge from Firefox.

But the new browser from the giant software company won't have it easy. Developers for the open-sourced Firefox released a trial version of a new application for the internet, Ubiquity, which makes it easier to access and share information that combines intuitive commands with browser functionality.

StarOffice 9 available as free download - for Macs and PC

Kirchheim-Heimstetten, Germany - Sun Microsystems intends offering a beta version of its StarOffice 9 office suite as a free download. The company said the download would be available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

StarOffice 9 will have about 1,500 new functions that weren't available with Version 8. New import filters should make it easier to transfer documents to and from MS Office 2007. The Sun Weblog Publisher allows blog entries to be published from StarOffice 9. The final commercial version is scheduled for release in October.

Internet: www. sun. com/so9beta_download (dpa)

New ‘security patch’ software tackles major internet security breach

London, July 9 : Computer giants like Microsoft, Sun, and Cisco are distributing new software to tackle a major security glitch in the internet addressing system.

The flaw was such that it could enable conmen to redirected internet users to fake webpages, even if they typed the correct address into a browser, and thereby trick them into disclosing their credit card details or other personal data.

Security expert Dan Kaminsky, who accidentally discovered the error in the Domain Name System (DNS) about six months ago, said that the case was unprecedented.

"People should be concerned but they should not be panicking," the BBC quoted him as saying. 

Security flaws found in Adobe Reader and Acrobat PDF programs

Bonn, Germany - Security flaws found in Adobe Reader and Acrobat PDF programsComputer users should upload updated versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat because of security flaws discovered in older versions of the programs.

Affected programs include Version 8.0 through 8.1.2 for both programs, as well as Version 7.0.9 and earlier. Both PC and Mac versions are affected, according to the BSI Federal Office for Security in Information Technology.

Time to update Quicktime multimedia software

Time to update Quicktime multimedia softwareBonn  - QuickTime users should update to version 7.5 as soon as possible. Five security holes have been discovered in older versions of Apple's multimedia player, the German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI) in Bonn is reporting.

Hackers can exploit the security holes to sneak malicious software onto vulnerable computers. Both PC and Mac users are potentially affected. The newest QuickTime version can be downloaded from (dpa)

Backup software: Necessary but not easy

Hamburg  - Backup software: Necessary but not easyMany data backup programs are either difficult to use or not completely reliable, testing has shown. In the worst cases, the software suffers from both defects.

That was the finding of a recent study by the Hamburg-based Computer Bild magazine. It tested six pure backup programs, as well as four security suites and two CD/DVD burning programs that offer data backup functionality.

Only one of the pure data backup programs earned a grade of "good." Of the remaining programs three earned "sufficient" and eight "unacceptable."

What's new in Internet Explorer 8

Washington  - What's new in Internet Explorer 8Microsoft has kept development of Internet Explorer 8 pretty quiet, but already the next major version of the most widely-used browser is available for downloading in a beta version.

While the focus of IE 7 was on security and the incorporation of a tabbed interface, version 8's main features centre on stability and usability.

Adobe Flash Player 10 debuts

Munich  - Adobe Flash Player 10 debutsWeb designers and developers have a new Adobe Flash Player to test. The beta version 10 of Adobe Flash software is available immediately free of charge at, the company reports.

The software, dubbed Astro, is available for computers running most versions of the Windows operating system as well as for Linux and Mac OS X. A list of the new functions for the software is available at (dpa)

Free OpenOffice 3.0 software now in test version

Hamburg  - Free OpenOffice 3.0 software now in test versionOpenOffice, the free office software suite, now has version 3.0 available in a test version.

The test version is available for free download at e. openoffice. org, according to the operators. New features include Startcenter, which allows quick access to important features.

Alongside a few new icons, OpenOffice brings some zoom to its status bars. Tables can now be operated collaboratively. For the first time, files created in Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2008 can be imported.

Updates of Adobe Reader advisable

Bonn - Updates of Adobe Reader advisableUsers of the PDF program Adobe Reader should update the software as several weak points have been found and hackers have already used one of them to their advantage.

Otherwise users risk having damaging files on their computer, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Bonn warned.

Most at risk are Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and Adobe Reader 7.0.9 and the older versions of the programs.

The BSI also recommended updating to version 8.1.2 or to 7.1.0 Both are available free of charge on www. adobe. com/go/getreader. (dpa)

Microsoft sues Dutch company that developed anti-chat software

Microsoft sues Dutch company that developed anti-chat softwareAmsterdam  - Software giant Microsoft is taking a Dutch company to court this week for developing special anti-chat software, originally called MSNLOCK, Unicaresoft Corporation announced Monday,

Unicaresoft developed the software and was formed by Carola Eppink, and several other parents and software developers.

The court case has been scheduled for April 23.

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