Computer Software

Computer simulation reveals how quasi-crystals form

London, March 7: Using a computer simulation, scientists at the University of Michigan have cast some light on how quasi-crystals form.

Now, a computer program that lets you "feel" the weather on the map

London, March 7: Climate researchers have developed a weather map interface that lets the user physically feel weather features.

Wireless worms may spread in the same manner as flu

London, February 27 :Computer Virus Software worms may spread between Bluetooth-enabled

New computer software might help build a winning baseball team

Washington, Feb 18: Sophisticated techniques using computer modeling might help baseball scouts to select players who have the potential to perform well during a match, thus building a winning team

New technique makes combining of programming languages safe

Washington, Jan 25: Software will now be safer from the most common method of misuse by hackers: so-called injection attacks, thanks to new techniques developed by Dutch computer scientist Martin B

Now, 3D snowflakes on your desktop computer

Washington, Jan 18: A team of mathematicians from UC (University of California) Davis and the University of Wisconsin-Madison
(UWM) has developed a 3D computer model of snowflakes.