Sphinx road missing sections discovered in Egypt

Cairo, June 5 : Archeologists have discovered missing sections of the so-called Sphinx road and the bottom part of an unknown pyramid in Sakkara area in Egypt.

According to Egypt State Information Service, Sakkara is one section of the great necropolis of Memphis.

The old Kingdom capital and the kings of the 1st dynasty as well as that of the 2nd dynasty are mostly buried in this section of the Memphis necropolis. It is a place that has been of constant interest to Egyptologists.

Three major discoveries have recently been made at Sakkara, including a prime minister's tomb, a queen’s pyramid, and the tomb of the son of a dynasty-founding king.

Each discovery has a fascinating story, with many adventures for the archeologists as they revealed the secrets of the past.

The latest discoveries include missing sections of the Sphinx road and the bottom part of an unknown pyramid.

The road was mentioned in some ancient Greek manuscripts, according to Zahi Hawwas, chief of the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities.

According to him, it is believed that the discovered parts are connected to the passage leading to Anubis Temples of the jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology. (ANI)