Samsung's 'Context' can divulge details of mobile users to app developers

SamsungWashington, Feb 11 : Samsung is reportedly working on developing a service called "Context" that would allow developers to dig deeper into details about how a person uses his mobile phone.

The data collection will include the apps used by mobile owners, the contents they type as well as the information picked up by the users' phone sensors .

The data will then be made available to developers to help them understand the users better and accordingly enrich their apps.

According to the Verge, by using Context, a video service might be able to automatically display sports videos to someone who frequently searches for sports.

However, following disagreements on its role in actually helping Samsung sell more smartphones, the services have been put on the backburner for now.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Google set up a meeting recently to discuss putting limits on the extent to which Samsung and other device manufacturers would customize Android, however, the outcome of the meeting remains unknown. (ANI)