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Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Falls More - A Report

Breast Cancer
Washington: The American Cancer Society has reported that the mortality rate from breast cancer continue to decline over 2% annually, but black women are not seeing the equal benefits as white and Hispanic women.

NASA confident about Mars Mission by 2037

NASA MARS MissionHyderabad: The United States Space Research centre NASA aspires to put a man and set up a space civilisation on Mars by 2037. While addressing the 58th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Michael Griffin, Administrator of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said, “We have a long-term plan to put a man on Mars by 2037.”

Scientists find how the zebrafish gets his stripe

Washington, September 26 : Scientists have identified an important molecule that helps the zebrafish develop one of its four stripes of pigment cells.

The researchers said that that their study focused on a particular zebrafish mutant called choker, which is distinctive because one of the four stripes running down its side is missing, and it has a dark collar around its neck instead.

Urban birds have developed coping mechanisms to survive in cities: Study

Washington, Sept 26 : Birds that hang out in large urban areas have adapted to survive in a much larger range of conditions than their rural counterparts, a new study by researchers from the University of Washington has found.

And not only do they survive, but as the researchers found out, they also thrive.

This, the researchers say, is a sign that urban birds have developed coping mechanisms that rural birds might not have.

George Bush desperately needs phonetic lessons to speak in public!

Washington, Sept.26 : U.S. President George W Bush is in dire need of an English teacher, even as his eight year presidency is close to winding up.

It is a known fact that his presidency has been marred often by verbal faux pax that has left audiences round the world quite embarrassed and some smirking with laughter.

If there is anyone who needs lessons in English phonetics, it has to be this Texan with a twang in his voice.

Prospects of new, successful relationship reduce after divorce

Washington, Sept 26: According to a new study, chances of remarriage or cohabiting decrease after a separation or divorce.

And, what further reduces the chances of moving on and finding a new love is children from a previous marriage or relationship.

The study, by Dutch researcher Anne-Rigt Poortman, has revealed that the prospects of having a relationship were slimmer for women as compared to men. A possible explanation for such kind of behaviour could be that past experiences make people cautious following a divorce.