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FDA issues Warning on Baby Tummy Pain Medication

Baby TummyWashington: The Federal health agency has cautioned parents not to give infants a liquid herbal supplement promoted as a curative for colic and teething pain because various bottles proved positive for a parasite, which may have sickened a 6-week-old baby in Minnesota.

NASA’s next-gen lunar RV to come with spacesuits attached

Washington, Sept 24: NASA's next-generation lunar explorers may live in mobile habitats and drive mini-RVs that can tool around for a week or more at a time, agency scientists have said.

The rovers would be about the same size as the electric dune buggies driven during the last three Apollo moon landings in 1971 and 1972, but would be enclosed and pressurized to better protect astronauts from radiation, extreme temperatures and other hazards.

33 percent Americans without Health Insurance

About 1 Million China made Simplicity Cribs Recalled in North America

Simplicity Cribs Recalled
Cribs made by Pennsylvania-based Simplicity Inc. have been recalled in North America by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission after the reports that the crib-beds were cause of death of two infants. Houston based Arceneaux family lost their 7-month old daughter Royale this February.

Novel methodology that makes wind power really green

Pakistanis in America concerned over arrest of fellow countrymen by FBI